Chateau Roux has hoodies, huzzah!

by Andy on December 13, 2006


It was great to hear that Reading based Chateau Roux had got around to selling some hoodies, because it give me another chance to tell you what so many Farmers Associations in the UK have been telling us for years. Buy British.

CR create fantastic clothes, they have an attention to detail that is pretty much unmatched by any store reviewed. As a testament to this, when CR gave me a tee review, I gave it to my brother (because I’m ever so nice and he gets jealous of all the stuff I get in the mail…. and it didn’t fit me) and he’ll only wear it when he’s going somewhere posh.

The hoodies are no less special, when I was looking at the pics first time around I figured they were pretty standard, with CRs typical print style. But I later found out that each hoodie has been shot with a 12 bore shotgun. They claim this is “something not seen before in the industry”, and whilst I’ve never seen a hoodie or sweatshirt that’s been given the treatment that only a shotgun can provide, I certainly have seen it done to tees before. Dubious originality aside, its a pretty novel technique for giving a vintage look, and providing a used shotgun shell with every item certainly does add something to the already superb buying experience that CR provide.

Considering their tees are around the £40 mark, I was pleasantly surprised to see that hoodies were a very reasonable £60, with sweatshirts coming in slightly lower.

Chateau Roux

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