Cityscape by Exact-Science @ Fabric8

by Andy on December 14, 2006


I was recently very lucky in getting a ticket to see Muse at the new Wembley Stadium in June next year. Even though Muse aren’t that big in America they are massive here, selling out the 75,000 capacity venue in 45 minutes (so they added another day and we had a mad phone-around whilst on a night out pleading with friends to get us tickets). So I thought this hoodie was fairly fitting, since I will be going to city (London) where hopefully the speakers will be the size of houses.

I didn’t just pick it for the loose tie in to a music related story, this is a great hoodie, the switching of visual imagery mixed with the graffiti style yields a really nice result. I quite like the blurb that the guys at Fabric8 have put with this

Wouldn’t it be sooo dope if the city’s skyscrapers were actually humongous speakers? The only problem is parties couldn’t exactly be underground anymore … but we could live with that.

Strange words, but still a cool hoodie.

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