Cotton Filter: 181206 (long edition)

by Andy on December 18, 2006

There’s a lot of good tee and clothes blogs out there, so I thought that instead of me writing a little bit of blurb about news items that aren’t about hoodies I’d just point you at what some other people think.

Ichabods: Some seriously good designs from New Orleans, they have a decent range of hoodies so I’ll be giving them a better look later. [see what the Tcritic had to say]

Owl Movement: Nico gives you the lowdown on Owl Movements new releases.

Click Tees: No idea how/where you buy these but they sure do look good. [via DESIGNSPOTTER]

Fantastic Bonanza: These guys have some schweeeet looking tees, and Nico has a good hands on review of their, ummm, goods.

SALES!: Rangga over at T-Shirt Island has a looooong list of stores with holiday sales, I’m sure the last day of posting has past now, but you can still get savings for yourself.

Azalea Online: A very comprehensive store that caters towards the higher end of the fashion market. Expect to see a few picks from here in the coming weeks. [via Josh Spear]

Imaginary Foundation: HipHipUK mentions yet more stunning work from the Swiss people who seem to operate on a level above me. Adam makes a good point though, it’s art, but would you wear it?

Indie Clothing Blog
: You know how long I spent thinking up ‘Hide Your Arms’? Hours, why didn’t I just call it ‘Sleeved Clothing Blog’, then you’d know what you were getting. My tongue-in-cheek bitchy comments aside, this blog is a good resources for anyone thinking of gettin in the tee printing game.

Tagged: Jason has a good rundown of the ruckus that went down at Threadless when they accidentally made a tee from unoriginal work. Seriously, if I ripped someone that badly at uni I’d have been thrown out.

Now don’t forget about Andy when you’re reading different clothes blogs (I promise a hoodie later tonight)!

  • Joe

    Thanks for the compliments/link! I wear Imaginary Foundation’s t-shirt art. :P Have you seen their cloud hoodie? I think it’s brilliant. If only it had been significantly less expensive…

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