This town ain’t big enough for the both of us

by Andy on December 20, 2006


I’ve wanted to mention this hoodie for an absolute age, you all know how I go gaga for something a little bit different and this item really piqued my interest. You could say that the model wearing a cap in the picture kinda ruins the ambiance, but it’s still a good looking hoodie. I can’t decide whether the print would benefit froma bit of colour, perhaps it’s a bit too subtle in this monochrome colourway. Also, it might have been nice if they’d wrapped the print around more of the hoodie, because as it is the design stops rather abruptly at the upper sides, which lets down the effect slightly. BLURB!!!

“Not only does this hoodie have a very unique neckscarf printed on it, but that neckscarf looks to be billowing just a little bit; as you were swaggering into a saloon at midday, a stranger from another town.

Model is wearing size LARGE

Kangaroo Pocket,Drawstring hoody

80% Cotton,20% Polyester”

And now you know why I got all Sergio Leone with the post title.

Costiness=$58 URL

  • Nico

    That sure is a hot hoodie. This is the best implementation of a Keffiyeh print I’ve seen yet.

  • Andy

    So thats what that is!

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