I get in at Euston (but I still love Waterloo)

by Andy on December 21, 2006


You know what I love about this blog, it connects me with people from all around the world, and today I added another continent to my growing list of “have e-mailed” areas. South America. The Argentinian city of Buenos Aires to be specific.

My ocean skipping e-journey does bring me back to the UK though, at least spiritually, because this Argentinian outfit draws much of its design inspiration from us Brits and our many, many iconic images, heck, they’re even called Waterloo!

The overall feeling is somewhat retro in style, with designs being based upon movies or music. There’s a lot of companies out there that delve into the retro market and end up with unoriginal designs that have been needlessly faded. And here’s the thing about Waterloo, their designs are not original, that’s kinda the point, they’re twists on the originals, and they’re done very, very well. The tees all appear to have a vibrancy and freshness to them, which I think you’ll agree isn’t something you can often associate with the Rolling Stones!

The have a promotion going on at the moment where you get a 4th shirt for free when you purchase three tees, and you don’t pay extra shpping on the 4th tee. You can also get an additional 10% off your order by using the following code: hideyourarms (oh, and this isn’t an affiliate code, so I don’t feel firty for posting it)

Costiness=$24.95 URL

Disclosure: Waterloo is a advertiser on HYA (although no money has changed hands).

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