They’re up in arms and I’m just hiding

by Andy on December 22, 2006


Oh yes, this is one hell of a hoodie! There’s just so much great stuff going on. First off there’s printing on the front and back, and the design kind of wraps over the top of the hoodie. Secondly, the design of the girls arms runs through the pockets, and its pretty rare to see that in a design, so its good to see someone playing about with that as a design point. Thirdly, the arms glow in the dark, which I’m sure you’ll either love or hate. Fourth, the print makes its way onto the hood (even if it is just a brief appearance). This hoodie from INDVSL ticks most of the boxes for me, the only drawback is that its exclusively for the girls, oh well, maybe next time.

Costiness=$72 (on an American Apparel asphalt zip up) URL

  • wendy bolick

    Ms. Reppeteaux dazzles us again with her innovative and fresh interpretaions. GET EM while their hot GIRLS!!

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