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by Andy on December 23, 2006



My mum may not approve of this tee (I put my thumb over the ‘shit’ speech bubble when I showed her it), but I think its pretty funny. I don’t know what it is, but it’s impossible for me to read it without adding in some kind of accent, which is a sign of a good design to me, because if in my head I’m turning two pieces of toast into characters then the guys at Dirty Microbe must be doing something right.

The design is pretty simple, although I would say that its so endearing because of the simplicity, which adds to the overall cartoon effect. I think that printing it on a bright blue tee is a bit of a masterstroke too, it’s a colour that seems to lift the spirits and make the image look a lot more fun, if it were printed on black I don’t think it would have had the same appeal. Then again, light blue is my favourite colour so you can take that previous sentence with a grain of salt.

The tee stock is American Apparel, so you know what you’re getting there, and the ink is pretty thick, it seems like it will last. In their FAQ they compare their printing style with Threadless, which is a pretty good reference point for almost anyone who’s bought tees off the internet before. There’s a custom label printed inside, with the company name and logo on it, and the American Apparel tag is in there too, just for good measure. There was also a little card inside my package that had pictures of their current line-up of tees on one side and a coupon code on the other for free shipping (I’d tell you the code but it’s downstairs and its far too cold to get out of bed), its a nice way of rewarding customers for loyalty. Although having said that, their shipping to the US, UK & Canada is an astoundingly low $1.99 no matter what size your order is, which is interesting because I know it cost more than that to send me a tee.

Dirty Microbe may well be focused on tees, they also sell a few weird Japanese items, like cellphones lanyards made of golden poop…

Costiness=$12 (currently on sale) URL

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  • Jay@duds

    Cute tee :)

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  • directtv

    Blog of directtv

  • Anon

    I strongly caution anyone against doing business with Dirty Microbe. I placed an order three months ago, was charged for the goods, and have still not received the shipments. I have sent numerous requests for information and they have all been ignored. Reading other customer comments about this company makes their behaviour seem to border on fraudulent.

  • corroded

    I concur with the poster above.

    I’ve recently had contact with the owner via a personal address and trying to get some answers, although.

    Though, i’ve started the chargeback procedure… appalling customer support.

  • cheated

    I also concur.

    I ordered a shirt three months ago as well…and have sent four emails to their (quotes for emphasis) “support” group. Uh…not one response. And I’ve been charged. I suppose that I’ll now have the enjoyment of the chargeback procedure as well.

    Fraudulent – yes.

  • alicia

    I too have been scammed. I asked about filing a charge back, but my bank said I need to work it out with the company (I’d be talking to myself though), and advised me also that I would need to file a police report.


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  • Brian

    It seems like their website is finally down…

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