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December 2006

Danger! it’s Taylor!

by Andy on December 5, 2006


It’s pretty rare that I’ll post something from an Etsy shop, not because I have anything against Etsy, I just don’t go on there very much, which is silly ‘cos there’s a bus load of quality products on there…

… much like this hoodie by a young designer called Taylor Russ (yeah, it sound the wrong way round to me too, but kids these days…), he may only have one item in his store but it’s a great start.

It’s a great hoodie, with a cimplimentary colour palette, subtle integration of text, a bizarre giant eye on the side of the hood, and a rather electric looking bit of ‘Danger!’ text on the front. In that respect it’s kinda stealth, like you walk up to someone wearing it and it’s just a regular asphalt hoodie with the word danger on it, and then thay turn around and BAM! there’s some patterns in your face. Also, the detail looks really impressive.

Taylor is also accepting orders via e-mail if you would prefer to pay by PayPal (or you just don’t want to use Etsy for some reason). You can e-mail him at the following e-mail address and he’ll sort you out: russ.comma.danger [at] gmail [dot] com (btw, that’s the word ‘comma’ not the punctuation mark)

Costiness=$45 URL


Poll closed: Landslide announced!

by Andy on December 4, 2006

I was quite surprised to see that any of you actually cared enough not to want to see coats on the blog (though I can understand why), but with a 2:1 majority the aye’s have it and you will be seeing coats every so often here on HYA. I do have the slight problem that there aren’t too many independent labels out there that make coats, so the offerings may be a bit commercial, but I wanted to make sure that I had your blessing before I started posting. Oh, and there’ll be no fur (obviously).


Cotton Filter: 041206

by Andy on December 4, 2006

Doing a post on a Sunday? I just can’t get the news to y’all quick enough:

Preshrunk: It looks as if Jason is back in the tee blogging game and decided to kick things off with a new design and slogan (“cover your shame”), time to put it back on your daily reads list.

Beezo California: They’ve got a sale going on for the holidays, all their tees are down to $15, and there’s been a couple of additions to the line-up since I last checked in (nice thong, guys!).

Shirt Stain: The sales just keep on coming, SS are doing two tees for $20, just $5 more than buying one tee. They’re printed on American Apparel and the new designs are freakin’ awesome.

LRG Dead Serious Availability: I hate when people sell sought-after items on eBay as much as the next guy, but I figured that since this hoodie is in such demand that I might as well post a link. At the moment there is quite a few available and they seem to be going for more than $300 (the original price on Karmaloop was $260).


Backseat Kisses just got cheaper

by Andy on December 2, 2006


Y’know, even though they get pretty much zero love from anyone else on the net, and they’re aimed more at the cowgirls more than the cowboys, I still think that Backstreet Kiss is one of my favourite clothes stores on the net (and not just because I think their model is cute and want her sunglasses). The designs all have a professional polish to them whilst still retaining a tongue-in-cheek simplicity that reminds me of British childrens cartoons from the 80s.

Anyway, they’re having a sale on their packages. The packages are a selection of designers (mixed between tees and hoodies) and all come with a tote bag. Savings range from $12 to $21, and since your order is over $40 (because all the packages are above that) you’ll get a free sticker or some buttons.

Costiness=$59-79 URL


It be cold outside

by Andy on December 1, 2006

So I went for a walk today and noticed it was pretty chilly, which made me wonder if I should be featuring items that will keep you a bit warmer as we enter into the darker winter months (again, sorry Southern hemisphere dwellers). And what better way to find out if you want to see coats added to the categories than with a poll. It’s a simple yes/no affair, and since I know it isn’t really a big issue I’ll close it in a few days after I’ve got enough data to show a trend.


Thanks a lot.


Bean Dip releases some hot new hoodies

by Andy on December 1, 2006


Bean Dip Clothing, long-time supporters and friends of HYA gave me the deets on their latest offerings (dubbed ‘Volume. 2′), and they’ve got some great tees, blah, blah, blah….. hoodies!

There’s loads of them! They aren’t all new designs but there seems to be more colours available in some of the old classics. The designs are big, bold, and super-detailed. It’s hard to decide if there’s a unifying theme to the collection, because in terms of content they run the gamut from cash to crests, music to… maintaining freshness. I know it’s quite hard to tell from the pics (and a few of the pics on the sites), but there’s some schweet printing on the inside of the hoods that really tops off the look.

If I was going to pick a fave, it would have to be ‘Speaker Box‘ because of it’s mix of classic and modern iconography and it’s looks a bit distressed, but not to the extent where it screams faux-vintage.

Bean Dip’s range is available for purchase at the Karmaloop Kazbah, and through their own site.


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