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January 2007

Kiser is Golden

by Andy on January 31, 2007


Kiser have launched their latest line and I’m really impressed, pretty much every design is on the money, although some of them are just asking for trouble.

I really like their hoodies, I especially like that they’ve released hooded options for many of their new tee designs. There’s a lot of gold foil going on too, I don’t know if it’s real gold like Chateau Roux were selling a while back, but it’s still a good look for their large logo/crest style designs.

Costiness=$65 URL

(the whole range is also available through Karmaloop‘s Kazbah, prices may be a bit higher, but shipping’s free so you’ll have to play around to find your best deal)


Karmaloop x Triko Kimono Sweatshirt

by Andy on January 30, 2007


I’ve always wanted to use an ‘x’ in my titles, so I’m glad that Karmaloop collaborated with Triko to produce what is actually quite a nice hoodie, so I’m not just posting this so that I can feel like a streetwear blogger. Let’s blurb it out:

“The Limited Edition Karmaloop x Triko Collab Kimono Sweatshirt is truly a work of art. Embroidered with the Akita design on the back in metallic thread, the front features kangaroo pockets and the Triko logo embroidered in gold. Classy.”

And there’s only 74 of these bad boys around, so if you want it…. get it. If you were wondering about the front of the hoodie, it’s a fairly standard logo above the left breast affair, but the back easily makes up for the lack of frontal action.

$165 URL (coupon code AS7594 gets you up to 20% off, and puts a little something in my pocket too)


Cotton Filter: 300107

by Andy on January 30, 2007

Disaster Clothing: Worth checking out, this Italian outfit has some cool single-colour prints, although I wouldn’t chance wearing any of their designs if I was going anywhere near an airport.

A Better Tomorrow: As usual, my weakness of not knowing German (that I intend to fix after ‘Beginners’ Japanese’) means that I may well have got this wrong, but I think that ABT are selling tees from their design competition for the bargain price of €10 a piece. I don’t know if this is really news, but it’s welcome either way.

Teetonic: Three quality winners from the Brit-based design competition, my personal fave is ‘Perfect Bait‘, partly because the artist actually uses the word ‘diptych’ in his description. They also recently launch an affiliate/street team programme with the ever-so-witty name of ‘Freetonic‘, basically, if 10 tees are sold through your unique code than you’ll get a free tee, which I’d say is a pretty fair deal. Lastly in this little roundup of teetonic news, they’ve dropped their price to £15 for a tee (I think it was £18 before), which is reasonable for a British company considering our strong currency.



Y’know, I’m about one more valentines based hoodie and/or sale away from getting depressed, but I know some of you aren’t as desperately lonely as I am, and so do the Threadless team, because if you buy two tees of the same design you get $10 off (sale ends Monday 5th Feb.). Come to think of it, hasn’t it been a while since they’ve had one of their legendary $10 sales, I’m pretty surprised they didn’t have one to clear out the old stock before moving over to their own stock brand. I guess you can all still make do with using “Russjob” and “HUBDAWG” as coupon codes for $3 off your order.

This weeks pick is pretty tough, for a change I actually like them all (although the Select tee feels more like a web design project than a wearable). Let’s break it down:

  • A Choice you need to make: I think the image is awesome, pure Threaldess, but it just looks a bit awkward on the tee, perhaps because of the prominent block of colour that makes up the wall.
  • Secret Love: Oh my God, how brilliant would it be if someone bought two of these, gave one to their secret admirer anonymously, and then the two met each other in a bar one night wearing the same tee? If I don’t see a short film with this exact plot on YouTube within the next month I’ll be pissed. Actually wait till YouTube start revenue sharing then gimme some cash!
  • I Can’t Draw: I do like this, it’s quite endearing in a way unlike most Threadless designs, probably because it isn’t so polished. Although, if you want cameras on a hoodie, I’d go with Oddica.
  • Gold Rush: I’m in two minds about this one, the image is well done, but could it have been used as an opportunity for a bigger print? Or would that have just led to needlessly large amounts of joke items in the ground?
  • Paper Airplanes: No big surprise that this is my favourite, since it’s the post picture. I’m not really one for hearts and mushy designs (though the archives would probably prove me different), but the kid holding his arms out really touches me, and the simple style really helps the overall emotional conveyance.

Also, how great are Threadless’ product shots this week? I think a lot of companies should be doing similar things with their products shots, after all, they’ve printed the merchandise why not have some fun with it?


Oh Mary, what have you done?

by Andy on January 29, 2007


I’m not usually one for posting something that could have religious connotations, this blog doesn’t have the cajones to enter into such debate, but how freakin’ awesome is this image?

I reminds me of something that Banksy might stencil onto a rail bridge, although I should point out that the quality of printing on this hoodie is probably rather higher someone with a can of spray-paint on a cold night in London.

You all still love anything to do with skeletons, right?

Costiness=$48 URL (forgot to add the link, sorry!)



by Andy on January 27, 2007


Is it just me, or does this jacket look like it comes from the near future, where we all wear the same clothes (except the leaders have gold piping on theirs)?

I like the shape, the way that the fitted body contrasts with the drape-like style of the arms, and having the points on the cuffs is a nice little touch. As is the stitch-on ‘Scifen Survival Unit’ branding above the left-breast pocket, it enforces the dystopian future story that I invented in the intro. One thing that I’m not too hot on is the stitched scifen text over the back of the shoulders, it doesn’t really seem to fit with the nature of the jacket.

Costiness=$160 (well, wool costs!) URL (and yes, you can still get up to 20% off with the following code: AS7594)


Shiver me timbers (it’s damn cold!)

by Andy on January 26, 2007


Just so you guys don’t think I was hunting out retro hotties (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I found this through the store owner on stylehive.

And it’s quite the find, I was immediately reminded of Enclothe‘s excellent Ghost Ship design, not because of the style, just because they quite obvious both have pirate ships on them… and the placement is kinda similar.

Costiness=$48 URL


Cotton Filter: 250107

by Andy on January 25, 2007

Not too many today, but worth a quick post.

ASA Depot
: You want 15% off an order from ASA Depot? Just use the code 15arms and you’ll get just that. (Offer ends in one month)

: It must be wonderful to live in Tokeworld, at least for this month, because everything is 40% off, and if that isn’t enough for you, global shipping is now free. Pretty freakin’ sweet, eh?

T Junction: Adam from HipHipUK has launched a new site all about tee sales and coupon codes, yeah, and you thought I was niche!



Really quick post tonight because I spent a lot of my day trying to find another hotel to stay at in Tokyo, it was a frustrating search (loads of fully booked hotels) and I’d rather not be on my laptop now, but I really love the crest on this hoodie (and there’s a few nice, subtle touches on the front of the hoodie too, although the price is a bit hard to swallow compared to our usual threads.

Costiness=$136 URL


Gee, thanks, you really shouldn’t have

by Andy on January 24, 2007


Y’know, I didn’t really notice quite how much I liked Owl Movement‘s designs until I realised that a post has been dedicated to every hoodie they’ve produced. What can I say, I’m a fan.

Me being a sycophant aside, it’s a really cute image, and pretty well suited to a zip-up hoodie. I love the way that the artist has managed to put so much expression into the animals without actually giving them meaningful faces.

Costiness=$40 (printed on an AA hoodie) URL


Cotton Filter: 230107

by Andy on January 23, 2007

Sales must be du jour, because they are everywhere at the moment.

Fred Flare: I know I haven’t mentioned them for a long time, but they’re still putting out great designs like this super-cute rainbow hoodie, and if you enter the discount code VALENTINE.0207 before Sunday you’ll get free shipping on your order.

Monsieur T.
: It’s birthdays all around at the moment isn’t it? Mr. T is celebrating three years of making quality clothes by having a huge sale. There’s 30% off everything in the latest line, and up to 50% off older designs. This sale is only on for 4 days so if you want it, buy it. Guys go here, girls go here.

Waterloo: Since it was almost snowing when I was driving home today it seems a bit strange to post about tank tops, but I guess it isn’t cold everywhere. Only available for the ladies at the moment, so I’m afraid your guns will have to remain holstered, fellas. I’d say the Wonka design is my favourite of the lot. Also, they’re running a promo where you get a 4th shirt free when you buy 3 tees, and the shipping stays at the rate of 3 tees.

Stereo Panda: To make room for their Spring/Summer line (which looks great if the preview I saw was anything to go by) they’ve got a sale going on, with up to 70% off some products. Male sale, female sale.

Teetsy: Another company trying to get rid of the old to bring in the new, with some tees available for as low as $9.

Artist Structured Apparel
: These guys are new to me, and I like their designs (even if they’re a bit dark for me), so I’m keeping them in the ‘one to watch’ file. Their blog is pretty good too.

Quixotic Clothing: Entire indie-threads as the coupon code and you’ll get 15% off your entire order, good stuff!

: If you’d rather have stuff for free instead of paying sale prices, then there’s 4 contests going on at IT right now.


Weekly Threadless Pick: Freedom Call

by Andy on January 23, 2007


It’s Monday(ish) so you know what that means, another round of tees from Threadless. If I was to be critical (and let’s be honest, I should be more often) I’d have to say that most of this weeks designs are more sutied to artwork than clothing, Limb by John Mitchell is a good example of this, maybe Threadless should start doing canvas prints to go along with all the clothes? An honourable mention has to go to Home Sweet Home, there’s something about a gun/birdhouse hybrid that really embodies the design spirit of the Threadless community.

I’m sure those of you that have already checked out this weeks Threadless mailout would have bet that the devil-and-angel-on-shoulders design of Advisors would have been this weeks pick, but something about it just doesn’t float my boat, I think it’s the lack of torso’s that makes me ‘meh’ that one. Freedom Call on the other hand really pushes my buttons, I love the colorway (use of pink but not too much), there’s more detail in this tee than I usually expect from Threadless, and it feels like it fits very well on a hoodie. There’s a bit of talk on the Threadless blogs that this is a lot like Flowers in the Attic, but I think that’s largely because it looks a bit emo and has butterflies on it. And no, I have very little clue as to what the design actually means.

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Happy 1st Birthday HYA

by Andy on January 21, 2007

Birthday Cupcake
Originally uploaded by ChrisIrmo.

I’m sure none of you have noticed, but today is actually exactly one year since the first ever post on Hide Your Arms.

Without wanting to get too sentimental I’d like to thank everyone that’s sent me a sample for review, tipped me off on an item, or picked up the slack when I’ve made mistakes in posts, without you helping out HYA wouldn’t be what it is today.


We have a winner!

by Andy on January 21, 2007


There were some great answers to last weeks Dirty Microbe competition question, I’m going to try my best to get a few of them done when I’m in Tokyo, although I don’t know how successful I’ll be in my attempts to become the Grandrobo Battlemaster!

I ensured that the winner would be picked by the most random way I could possibly make it by assigning all the entrants a number and then asking this random number generator to pick a number for me. Apparently there are questions over just how random these number generators are, but I thought that it would do for this competition.

The number picked was 25…. but who was number 25?

Jon! Who e-mailed in this enlightening answer:

I’m going on holiday to Japan next month, what should I do while I’m there?

O RLY? You should do an assload of exotic drugs, available legally
from vendors on the street.”

I probably won’t pursue his suggestion, but hey, that’s something I didn’t know about Japan and I’ve been reading guides for the past few weeks.

Thanks to everyone to e-mailed and posted comments, and thanks to Dirty Microbe for putting together such a great prize package.


La Fraise wants to a Strawberry

by Andy on January 20, 2007

La Fraise, the second biggest tee design competition in the world, is spreading its wings beyond France and setting up shop in a number of other European countries (the UK, Germany, Norway and Finland). They seem to have things sewn up in the latter three countries but are missing out on a rather important aspect of their British operation.

The Ambassador.

So they’ve set up a head hunting competition (with a prize equivalent to €1000 worth of tees) in an attempt to find the very best person for the job. The ambassador would be responsible for “writing the blog, approving and selecting the winning designs and supporting and helping to grow the community, all this on a daily basis.”

I like La Fraise, and whilst posts based on their tees have been sorely lacking on this blog, they do have a consistent quality and style of design, and I wish them luck with such a bold expansion.

If you want more info about the position then please go to the following link: Bring me the head of the UK ambassador!


All a splatter, again!

by Andy on January 19, 2007


Who would’ve thought it, just yesterday I posted a paint splatter hoodie for the ladies, and then a similar version for guys drops in my inbox courtesy of DGs daily newsletter.

Apparently, this hoodie isn’t quite as random as I first imagined it to be (see comments). Whilst I can’t see it, the splatters actually spell out the name of the label, ‘The Seventh Letter’, but I’ve tried staring at it and turning my screen upside down and on it’s side, but I just can’t find it. The paint mark on the hood is a nice touch as well, it kinda looks like it was a mistake, as if the designer was putting the paint on then picked it up by the hood not realising that they had paint on their hands. Hey, maybe that’s how they thought of the feature!

Costiness=$60 URL


A Clear Cut Case of a Long, Long Lake

by Andy on January 19, 2007


Y’know, there’s so much creative talent in Germany right now that I may well just have to pick up a book on Beginner’s German to try and get the most out of these sites (although I do seem to be able to work out the navigation easily enough).

Clear cut case have got some really nice designs, they have some really incredible vintage style art tees, but these bears caught my imagination today so they’re my pick. I think my fondness for this design has something to do with how I associate Germans with a love of Americana, as the bears (and presumably the lake) are meant to be from New York State. [thanks Teees]

Costiness=€69 URL


It’s got me all a splatter

by Andy on January 18, 2007


Another day, another great find on Karmaloop. If you’ve ever wanted to channel your inner Jackson Pollock then this hoodie might be for you. It’s funny how I don’t really think of this as a messy design when that’s kind of its aim, but it seems surprisingly sophisticated for something that is essentially just flicks and specks of paint. I wonder if each hoodie has different patterns of paint, that would be cool. Oh yeah, the paint is on the front and back too, which helps keep up the authenticity of the look.

Costiness=$42.99 URL

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Sales in the UK: Chateau Roux & Urban Retro

by Andy on January 18, 2007

It always give me a good feeling to be able to promote good UK tee stores, since they tend not to get as much exposure as their more numerous American counterparts. It’s even better when they’ve got sales going on.


Chateau Roux: Up to 45% off their excellent quality tees (and a few other items too). So to all those people who mistakenly believe that you’re getting ripped by their prices, now if your chance to grab some CR.


Urban Retro: If I’m totally honest, I’d never checked out Urban Retro before, but now that I’ve given them a good look it’s obvious I should’ve done earlier. They’ve got some great designs from a variety of well-respected labels, and at up to 70% off on selected items you really can’t argue with the price.

Both sales last up until the end of the month.


What a pile of….

by Andy on January 18, 2007


Why is poker and other forms of gambling so popular nowadays? It just seemed to come from nowhere, and now if you stay up past midnight you’ll struggle to avoid someone wearing an unfortunate shirt and ridiculous sunglasses on TV. That’s right, my beef is not with the social implications od people gambling away their savings, I just don’t want anything getting in the way of sitcom reruns!

Of course, it’s mostly poker on TV, so I’ve got no problem with Craps, which means I’m allowed to like this hoodie featuring a Craps table print from Upper Playground. The print all over the hood really aids the overall look, it probably would have sucked if they went half-assed on the hood, but the flow of the image seems to be spot on. I don’t know how you all feel about me using blurbs when I find a hoodie on DG, but since this name-checks Wesley Snipes (which was a ‘check your calendar’ moment for me) I really can’t help myself:

“Now you can always bet on black, just like Wesley Snipes said to, with this gambling-themed custom cut & sew zip-up. 100% polyester (not fleece). Features a gold, black, red and white craps table print all over the top torso, shoulder panels, and hood. White Upper Playground logo embroidery over that in white on the front left. Sick dice embroidery on the top of the hood in black and white. Also features a dope metal walrus zipper pull.”

Anyone know what film they’re referencing with ‘always bet on black’?

Costiness=$82 URL


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