I’m feeling Apheele

by Andy on January 2, 2007


Predictable title, right?

What better way to kick off 2007 than with this subtle stunner from a label previously unknown to HYA (Apheele), it’s nice to find new things, especially when someone else finds them for you (thanks Ben!).

Even though it’s called the ‘Wahoo Cloud hoodie‘ I’d say that it looked rather more like flowers than clouds, which may not look all that macho, but the colour pallette is nice and even though their’s quite a lot going on in the printed areas it doesn’t feel too busy. The wraparound print is a nice touch as well.

Their blurb says that it’s printed on a ‘Super Warm and Cozy’ hoodie, which I can safely assume isn’t the name of the stock brand, but it does look like a quality hoodie.

They also have a very active shop on eBay which has a wide variety of designs (some not available on the main site).

Costiness=$50 URL

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