Competition! With Dirty Microbe

by Andy on January 12, 2007


I was really impressed with the tee I reviewed from Dirty Microbe last month, so I’m proud that they’re involved in Hide Your Arms’ first ever competition.

Here’s the Japanese themed prize package:

- 1 x ‘That’s how I roll‘ t-shirt
– 1 x Lifetime 25% off discount card
– 1 x Japanese bubbly beer mug: Kibin
– 1 x Japanese samurai: Oda Nobunaga
– 1 x Japanese lucky golden poo (all the rage in Japan)

It couldn’t be simpler to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment (remember to include an e-mail address in your info!) or e-mail answering the following question:

“I’m going on holiday to Japan next month, what should I do while I’m there?”

Tell me anything, it can be about food, drink, sightseeing, culture, etiquette, anything you can think of. If you don’t know anything, make it up!

The competition will be open for one week, ending January 19th, when I will pick an answer at random. There aren’t any restrictions upon who can enter, but please only enter once.

This competition is now closed

  • Dave

    You should sleep in one of the capsule hotels.

  • Richard

    You should try to carry out a “romantic assignation” with Scarlett Johannsson in a capsule hotel – you should meet her at the minibar..

  • Joe

    I’m pretty sure they have a lot of robots in Japan, right? Well, you should find one of those big ones that you can go inside and shoot lasers at other robots and stuff. Then you should become the Grandrobo Battlemaster.

    Failing that, find and play in Yanobe Kenji’s apocalypse-survivable Villa TORAYAN and breathe fire on your enemies with Giant TORAYAN.

  • Roar

    you should break as many customs and rules as you can, vacation time is perfect for things like that

  • Nich

    Unfortunately you just missed Dali’s centennial retrospective, some friends of mine went and made me exceedingly jealous.

    It’s kinda boring I guess, but when I went there last summer, pretty much all my activities with friends revolved around going to certain karaoke bars. For roughly $10 you get all you can sing, all you can drink karaoke for 2 hours. Not the most exciting thing I suppose, but there’s not much that’s more amusing than drunk Japanese kids or scaring said Japanese kids by belting out a stunning rendition of Slayer’s “Angel of Death”. And it’s always a good fall-back plan.

  • Brad

    You should dress up in a Kimono and all the traditional make up. …and take plenty of pictures to post up here.

  • Gloria

    Visit the ramen museum!

  • Meredith

    Go down to Harajuku.

  • Generalissimo

    You should go to the Sapporo Yuki Matsuri (Sapporo Snow Festival)! There is ice sculpture, and beer.
    The 2007 dates are Tuesday February 6th to Monday February 12th.

  • Penny

    Inax toilet factory robots! (a friend of mine is writing a book about, well, loos)

  • Arlette

    Go to 6%DokiDoki ( ) and see if they still have stuff from Junko Mizuno, my favorite artist!

  • Noddy

    You must meet a beautiful Japanese woman, fall in love and together produce a new website – “Hide Your Knees” – which links to cool looking kimonos.

    Enjoy the trip and woo for Dirty Microbe giving shit away!

  • Claire

    You should find me a degree ;-)

    Love you!

  • m1k3k

    you should buy toys and gadgets that arent available anywhere else, and drink some sake also.

  • Katy

    You should go around to all the japanese people saying Do-i-tashi-mashite (english pronounciation and pronounce the ‘e’), it means you’re welcome, but say it inappropriately and emphasise the ‘Do’… they love it, will make you an instant hit there and they will support your rise to power, making a useful and impressive ally. Also get hold of/go see a band called melt banana, i saw them in bristol, they are all tiny japanese people whose instruments are bigger than they are, but they are the coolest looking band in the world : extreme japanese electro punk is how i classify them!!!

  • Tyse

    Queue outside of a electronic shop, on a Japenese high street, at night, preferable when its raining, for the long awaited public launch of a new generation console.

  • TomTom

    Hey Andy, hows it going in sunny northern places?

    My friend Joel went to Japan a few weeks ago and i challenged him to find a vending machine that sold used womens pants (i swear they’ll start selling vending machines by vending machine soon) or failing that some beer from a machine. The little tyke didn’t find any pant machines nor beer ones so finding one or the other (plus photo) would be awesome. If you feel friendly enough bring me some beer (i’m fine with my own pants thanks).

  • Ben

    Visit Tōdai-ji – The world’s largest wooden building hosting the world’s largest gilded bronze Buddha.

  • rangga

    You should try sushi, the original ones made by Japanese =)

  • Mo

    :) i will buy a house (ore a flat) in Tokyo, and i will stay there for all my life!

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  • Josh
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