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by Andy on January 16, 2007


No Demo is a small indie company that launched in 2006. Whilst their site is a bit sparse at the moment, the thing that matters the most, tees, certainly isn’t lacking in quality. I can’t really decide what kind of style it is that No Demo has so I can’t really compare them to anyone off the top of my head, perhaps they’ve got a variety of artists so there isn’t a unified style, but I do like what I see.

I particularly like the ‘Stage of Sleep’ tee, there’s nothing to say whether the graphs are based upon actual sleep patterns (and how cool would that be?!), but its a great idea either way.

Costiness=$15 URL (can’t link to their specific pages, sorry)

  • Wallabees

    I really wonder how far you can take it with quality t-shirts. While there are great designs for tees coming out every week paying more attention to the details such as quality and feel is nearly mentioned no where. what a pity right?

  • Andy

    Well, most brands don’t really mention their stock (unless it’s American Apparel) so I don’t often get that info.

    It can be quite frustrating sometimes, especially when buying something on the internet, that you can’t really tell what the fit is, but I think with the emergence of a generation that is far more used to buying clothes without seeing or touching them that independent stores will gradually give more detail about quality and feel as customers become more demanding about stock tee brands. Threadless is probably a good example of this, with them bringing in their own proprietary stock, based upon feedback from their community.

  • jay@duds

    thanks for the heads-up i’ll go have a look!

  • Dan

    thats my site and I use high quality ring spun t-shirts (thicker than American Apparel shirts). I suppose I should add more detail about the shirts.

  • dave

    I have to say, that this is the one thing we come up against most at Chateau Roux, especially from our American friends. Our tees are made from scratch. The material (50% cotton and 50% modal) took us 6 months to source, the cut took us equally as long to get right, so much so that no-one has ever returned a T. I’m not on a sales pitch here, but it infuriates me when people buy a poor quality T that looks like a square cut and then spend $150 on jeans to wear with it. Then come to our website and moan at the prices. You want quality my American friends, you have to pay for it bacause it costs a lot to bring to the market!

  • Andy

    For the record, I think Dan’s shirts look like quality (this comment thread is just web-general right?), so you shouldn’t take any of this personally.

    That’s interesting info Dave, it’s pretty hard to explain what your tees are like without actually physically having one in front of you, but I was unaware that you had proprietary stock tees so I’ll bear that in mind in future.

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