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by Andy on January 18, 2007


Why is poker and other forms of gambling so popular nowadays? It just seemed to come from nowhere, and now if you stay up past midnight you’ll struggle to avoid someone wearing an unfortunate shirt and ridiculous sunglasses on TV. That’s right, my beef is not with the social implications od people gambling away their savings, I just don’t want anything getting in the way of sitcom reruns!

Of course, it’s mostly poker on TV, so I’ve got no problem with Craps, which means I’m allowed to like this hoodie featuring a Craps table print from Upper Playground. The print all over the hood really aids the overall look, it probably would have sucked if they went half-assed on the hood, but the flow of the image seems to be spot on. I don’t know how you all feel about me using blurbs when I find a hoodie on DG, but since this name-checks Wesley Snipes (which was a ‘check your calendar’ moment for me) I really can’t help myself:

“Now you can always bet on black, just like Wesley Snipes said to, with this gambling-themed custom cut & sew zip-up. 100% polyester (not fleece). Features a gold, black, red and white craps table print all over the top torso, shoulder panels, and hood. White Upper Playground logo embroidery over that in white on the front left. Sick dice embroidery on the top of the hood in black and white. Also features a dope metal walrus zipper pull.”

Anyone know what film they’re referencing with ‘always bet on black’?

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  • dan

    I don’t know. But I know that if you’re betting on black, you’re playing roulette, not craps.

  • http://google.com laz

    Always bet on black, from some blog in the top google search result:

    My favorite scene is when Wesley Snipes and the bad guy have this exchange–not face-to-face, man-to-man, like it should be, but ON THE AIRPLANE TELEPHONE, and Snipes asks him, “Do you ever play roulette?” And the bad guys answers, “On occasion.” And Snipes says (pause for emphasis as camera zooms in tight on Snipes’ taut, tough face), “Well, let me give you a little advice: ALWAYS BET ON BLACK!” YEAH, BABY!

  • http://www.complainthub.com Jon

    Wasn’t that from “Passenger 57″?

    Interesting note on that movie – I was flipping channels once and came across that movie. I watched for three or four minutes before I realized that I was watching a Spanish language channel, and the movie was actually dubbed in Spanish.

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Hmmm, I guess I shoulda just googled it myself, but it’s good to know that I can rely on you guys for obscure movie anecdotes!

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