All a splatter, again!

by Andy on January 19, 2007


Who would’ve thought it, just yesterday I posted a paint splatter hoodie for the ladies, and then a similar version for guys drops in my inbox courtesy of DGs daily newsletter.

Apparently, this hoodie isn’t quite as random as I first imagined it to be (see comments). Whilst I can’t see it, the splatters actually spell out the name of the label, ‘The Seventh Letter’, but I’ve tried staring at it and turning my screen upside down and on it’s side, but I just can’t find it. The paint mark on the hood is a nice touch as well, it kinda looks like it was a mistake, as if the designer was putting the paint on then picked it up by the hood not realising that they had paint on their hands. Hey, maybe that’s how they thought of the feature!

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  • John

    Hey I hate to be an annoying, pain in the neck, know it all type but I think you missed the point of this graphic. It’s not just random paint splatters. It’s a text based graphic done by a well-respected graffiti artist…the text across the front is very messy and splattery and reads, ‘THE SEVENTH LETTER.’ It’s actually really well executed in my opinion, because if you are not familiar with ZESER’s style, you will assume it’s just splatters. But if you know, you know. Now you know!

  • Andy

    Cool, I’ve taken a long look at it, and I must admit that I’m struggling to see the text, maybe it’s my monitor.

    But in light of this information I’ll make some changes to the original post since this does change what I think of it.

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