La Fraise wants to a Strawberry

by Andy on January 20, 2007

La Fraise, the second biggest tee design competition in the world, is spreading its wings beyond France and setting up shop in a number of other European countries (the UK, Germany, Norway and Finland). They seem to have things sewn up in the latter three countries but are missing out on a rather important aspect of their British operation.

The Ambassador.

So they’ve set up a head hunting competition (with a prize equivalent to €1000 worth of tees) in an attempt to find the very best person for the job. The ambassador would be responsible for “writing the blog, approving and selecting the winning designs and supporting and helping to grow the community, all this on a daily basis.”

I like La Fraise, and whilst posts based on their tees have been sorely lacking on this blog, they do have a consistent quality and style of design, and I wish them luck with such a bold expansion.

If you want more info about the position then please go to the following link: Bring me the head of the UK ambassador!

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