We have a winner!

by Andy on January 21, 2007


There were some great answers to last weeks Dirty Microbe competition question, I’m going to try my best to get a few of them done when I’m in Tokyo, although I don’t know how successful I’ll be in my attempts to become the Grandrobo Battlemaster!

I ensured that the winner would be picked by the most random way I could possibly make it by assigning all the entrants a number and then asking this random number generator to pick a number for me. Apparently there are questions over just how random these number generators are, but I thought that it would do for this competition.

The number picked was 25…. but who was number 25?

Jon! Who e-mailed in this enlightening answer:

I’m going on holiday to Japan next month, what should I do while I’m there?

O RLY? You should do an assload of exotic drugs, available legally
from vendors on the street.”

I probably won’t pursue his suggestion, but hey, that’s something I didn’t know about Japan and I’ve been reading guides for the past few weeks.

Thanks to everyone to e-mailed and posted comments, and thanks to Dirty Microbe for putting together such a great prize package.

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