Cotton Filter: 230107

by Andy on January 23, 2007

Sales must be du jour, because they are everywhere at the moment.

Fred Flare: I know I haven’t mentioned them for a long time, but they’re still putting out great designs like this super-cute rainbow hoodie, and if you enter the discount code VALENTINE.0207 before Sunday you’ll get free shipping on your order.

Monsieur T.
: It’s birthdays all around at the moment isn’t it? Mr. T is celebrating three years of making quality clothes by having a huge sale. There’s 30% off everything in the latest line, and up to 50% off older designs. This sale is only on for 4 days so if you want it, buy it. Guys go here, girls go here.

Waterloo: Since it was almost snowing when I was driving home today it seems a bit strange to post about tank tops, but I guess it isn’t cold everywhere. Only available for the ladies at the moment, so I’m afraid your guns will have to remain holstered, fellas. I’d say the Wonka design is my favourite of the lot. Also, they’re running a promo where you get a 4th shirt free when you buy 3 tees, and the shipping stays at the rate of 3 tees.

Stereo Panda: To make room for their Spring/Summer line (which looks great if the preview I saw was anything to go by) they’ve got a sale going on, with up to 70% off some products. Male sale, female sale.

Teetsy: Another company trying to get rid of the old to bring in the new, with some tees available for as low as $9.

Artist Structured Apparel
: These guys are new to me, and I like their designs (even if they’re a bit dark for me), so I’m keeping them in the ‘one to watch’ file. Their blog is pretty good too.

Quixotic Clothing: Entire indie-threads as the coupon code and you’ll get 15% off your entire order, good stuff!

: If you’d rather have stuff for free instead of paying sale prices, then there’s 4 contests going on at IT right now.

  • Brad

    Thanks for the plug.

    Also, there’s another new contest (total of 5) that I just put up earlier tonight at IT. It’s a Seibei contest where you submit your idea for their slogan and could win either two shirts of your choice or a hoodie.

  • Christopher

    Thanks for the support.

    Because of your support we are extending an offer code 15arms to all your readers for 15% off.
    This offer is good for 1 month (ends 2-25-07)

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