Gee, thanks, you really shouldn’t have

by Andy on January 24, 2007


Y’know, I didn’t really notice quite how much I liked Owl Movement‘s designs until I realised that a post has been dedicated to every hoodie they’ve produced. What can I say, I’m a fan.

Me being a sycophant aside, it’s a really cute image, and pretty well suited to a zip-up hoodie. I love the way that the artist has managed to put so much expression into the animals without actually giving them meaningful faces.

Costiness=$40 (printed on an AA hoodie) URL

  • Jon

    I don’t actually own a hoodie, but if I did, it might be this one.

  • Joe

    That works so perfectly on a hoodie. I can’t wait for Owl Movement‘s next series… even though they so recently released their latest one!

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