Threadless Pick: All together now, say… awwww

by Andy on January 29, 2007


Y’know, I’m about one more valentines based hoodie and/or sale away from getting depressed, but I know some of you aren’t as desperately lonely as I am, and so do the Threadless team, because if you buy two tees of the same design you get $10 off (sale ends Monday 5th Feb.). Come to think of it, hasn’t it been a while since they’ve had one of their legendary $10 sales, I’m pretty surprised they didn’t have one to clear out the old stock before moving over to their own stock brand. I guess you can all still make do with using “Russjob” and “HUBDAWG” as coupon codes for $3 off your order.

This weeks pick is pretty tough, for a change I actually like them all (although the Select tee feels more like a web design project than a wearable). Let’s break it down:

  • A Choice you need to make: I think the image is awesome, pure Threaldess, but it just looks a bit awkward on the tee, perhaps because of the prominent block of colour that makes up the wall.
  • Secret Love: Oh my God, how brilliant would it be if someone bought two of these, gave one to their secret admirer anonymously, and then the two met each other in a bar one night wearing the same tee? If I don’t see a short film with this exact plot on YouTube within the next month I’ll be pissed. Actually wait till YouTube start revenue sharing then gimme some cash!
  • I Can’t Draw: I do like this, it’s quite endearing in a way unlike most Threadless designs, probably because it isn’t so polished. Although, if you want cameras on a hoodie, I’d go with Oddica.
  • Gold Rush: I’m in two minds about this one, the image is well done, but could it have been used as an opportunity for a bigger print? Or would that have just led to needlessly large amounts of joke items in the ground?
  • Paper Airplanes: No big surprise that this is my favourite, since it’s the post picture. I’m not really one for hearts and mushy designs (though the archives would probably prove me different), but the kid holding his arms out really touches me, and the simple style really helps the overall emotional conveyance.

Also, how great are Threadless’ product shots this week? I think a lot of companies should be doing similar things with their products shots, after all, they’ve printed the merchandise why not have some fun with it?

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