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by Andy on January 30, 2007

Disaster Clothing: Worth checking out, this Italian outfit has some cool single-colour prints, although I wouldn’t chance wearing any of their designs if I was going anywhere near an airport.

A Better Tomorrow: As usual, my weakness of not knowing German (that I intend to fix after ‘Beginners’ Japanese’) means that I may well have got this wrong, but I think that ABT are selling tees from their design competition for the bargain price of €10 a piece. I don’t know if this is really news, but it’s welcome either way.

Teetonic: Three quality winners from the Brit-based design competition, my personal fave is ‘Perfect Bait‘, partly because the artist actually uses the word ‘diptych’ in his description. They also recently launch an affiliate/street team programme with the ever-so-witty name of ‘Freetonic‘, basically, if 10 tees are sold through your unique code than you’ll get a free tee, which I’d say is a pretty fair deal. Lastly in this little roundup of teetonic news, they’ve dropped their price to £15 for a tee (I think it was £18 before), which is reasonable for a British company considering our strong currency.

  • emericalady

    Nice Stuff.
    The Wallstickers are looking adorable!
    My Fav:
    A Better Tomorrow


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