Time to rob some banks (or just get piste)

by Andy on February 2, 2007


Yes, I put a ‘piste’ pun in my title, no, I will not apologise for it.

Sometimes when I post a hoodie I really think that quite a few of you will like it enough to buy that item (or at least something else in the same store), but I can’t really see it happening with this hoodie, not because of the styling, it’s more because of the price. This simple yet stylish hoodie will set you back $340.

Still, I’ve got a soft spot for innovation like this, and presuming that it’s actually functional as a layer when you’re on the slopes (or just somewhere cold) then it is actually quite a good idea rather than a gimmick. Besides the hood, the cut of it looks really well fitted, and I really like the inclusion of velcro sleeves. [via Gohgirl on Stylehive]

Costiness=$340 URL

  • http://tjunction.hiphipuk.co.uk adam

    $340? I’d have to rob a bank to pay for this, which would remove the point somewhat :)

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