Damn, I’ve forgotten all the quotes

by Andy on February 3, 2007


Or perhaps I just couldn’t quote because I don’t like to swear in my post titles. Yep, this is a Jay and Silent Bob referencing hoodie, I usually wouldn’t force my taste in movies on you, but I remember watching this movie so many times in my first year at university and got a bit of a kick out of seeing this design a couple of days ago, and if Cosper can run tees that remind him of days-gone-by then I’m damned if I can’t!

To be fair, the hoodie’s actually pretty well done, it has the look of merchandise from a theme park, which I guess is the point, although I don’t really know how necessary it was to use a yellow hoodie. Did staff at Mooby’s wear yellow uniforms? That might explain the colour choice, but I still think that black or grey would have been a better choice.

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