Weekly Threadless Pick: destroy NYC (please don’t, I want to go back)

by Andy on February 5, 2007


Some great product shots this week, with Nesting Dolls being a really great way of handling the subject, incidientally, when I went to Russia and saw nesting dolls on sale a lot of them were actually American cultural icons, which I thought was both odd and perfectly logical at the same time. Something else which is very logically done (can you feel the segue?) is the new critiques feature. I like how they’ve built it so that you can see the evolution of a tee, making comparisons with previous versions of designs very easy. If you want a good example of the process, check out ‘The Great Mousetrap‘ where Threadless bigwig Jake Nickell throws his opinion into the mix.

I know this is meant to be a pick of the week, but ‘Star Men in Moon’s Milk‘ is pretty much a perfect choice for a Kids tee, especially since it’s partially printed with glow in the dark ink. ‘A Voyage of Discovery‘ is a great, well thought out design, although the bottom three books feel a bit unnecessary for me, although I can understand why they’re in there.

My pick this week is ‘destroy NYC‘, its a fairly busy design, but the simple lines of the not-very-threatening monsters really balances things out. I think that the colour of this tee also really compliments the design, something that I often feel is lacking in some Threadless submissions. The hand drawn style really lends itself to this kind of design. As one rather insightful commenters says “I’m thinking about framing this,” how long do you think it will be before Threadless start releasing some canvas prints?

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