Cotton Filter: 090207

by Andy on February 9, 2007

Okay, last CF before I go on holiday:

  • Owl Movement: They had one of their tees on ‘The War At Home’, which I’ve never seen before, but whether the show sucks or not that’s pretty cool. See a few pics at their Flickr. They also said that they’ve sold out of the featured design, but there was a chance you could get it at Urban Outfitters, do UO often sell tees from indie labels? I was under the impression that they did a lot of in-house stuff that was often influenced by the indie crowd.
  • Wrongwroks: I really like the tees they’ve been doing recently and the Kate Moss tee is no exception, they’re in demand, limited edition, and a few are available on their site.
  • Bean Dip Clothing: Being a favourite of HYA does get you certain privileges, one being that I’ll take a total topic departure and mention your seriously nice Vans high top sneaker collaboration with Logan Real (is that a person or a company?). Unfortunately I couldn’t tell you if they’re on sale yet, but the related hoodie certainly is.
  • Replicant Gear: Anyone that might reference Blade Runner in the name of their store can’t be all bad. Some pretty cool designs in this Spreadshirt powered store.
  • Brookyln Industries: Get 10% of their Designs We Love range with the coupon code ‘LOVEBKI’. Also, how great is this track jacket?
  • Only NY Lives:Not too many designs on sale at this newly launched site, but I like what I see, especially the design employing the New Yorker’s font.
  • brad industry

    i think the people who do Owl Movement have day jobs as stylists or something for urban outfitters, which is probably why UO carries their stuff.

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