Soft Touch Reviews: Shane Grammer

by Andy on February 11, 2007


I was all prepared for my break after last night’s Cordell post, and then this morning I got a rather nice package in the mail. It was from Shane Grammer, and it was quite a nice surprise.

Shane Grammer is an artist and designer in many different disciplines (since I’m not so au fait with the art world I assume that means working with different media?) and in one of those disciplines the canvas is cotton. And like many artists, Merchline has taken the hassle out of running a store and is providing the front-end for the shop.

I really like this image, it conveys quite a lot of feeling without me knowing a back story, the design is called ‘Fatherless Boy’ so you can pretty much interpret that any way you want. Oh, and to those desperate boyfriends out there, just because it has a heart on it and some pink it is not necessarily be the perfect Valentine’s Day present.

The printing if pretty heavy, so I think it would need a couple of washes for it to bed in first. The tee itself feels good and soft too, I should note that its slightly longer and tighter fitting than most stock brands I’ve worn, so if possible you should probably buy one larger than you usually would (unless you like’em tight). And for those of you that are logo obsessed, is printed in small letters on the left sleeve.

In terms of price I think $14.95 is pretty fair, although I don’t really know what we’re talking about in terms of shipping. (Flash site)
Merchline Store

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