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March 2007

It’s wrong, but it wroks

by Andy on March 29, 2007


Remember in the last past when I said “they have rhinestones on some of their designs, how hot is that?“, I wasn’t kidding, and I wasn’t trying to sound like the Lake District’s Paris Hilton (we already have enough of them), I just think that rhinestones and crystals on clothing can look pretty cool, even if I’d feel a bit odd wearing them. But I guess that if you’re wearing anything from Wrongwroks then you’re going to be getting some attention, so you might as well shine whilst you’re wearing it!

Yes, WW have been been playing around with this image of Kate Moss for quite a long time now, but this is an interesting incarnation, they’ve taken the graff and photocopy style that they had before and added in the glamour that we’d expect of a supermodel, but with the mashup of styles it feel kinda dirty, which fits in quite nicely if you ask me. It’s not exaclty cheap, but its a pretty special hoodie especially since there’s only 10 of them around.

Costiness=$140 ($150 outside North America) URL (it’s the thumbnail second from the right on the bottom row)


Cotton Filter: 290307

by Andy on March 29, 2007

This was meant to be a short post, then I looked through my inbox…:

Owl Movement: Great new line of tees went up a few days ago on the theme of ‘Occasional Intruders’, and their ‘robots’ hoodie has been restocked too. One of my friends ordered the robots hoodie and it never made it to him, damned postal service!

Go Ape Shirts: No idea how this one passed me by, but Go Ape released three cool designs earlier this month that are worth checking out.

UrbanRetro: They just got in some seriously good designs by the limited edition brand ‘Hicalorie’, definitely worth a click.

innerTee: They’ve just introduced a digg-like features to their front page. You can vote for the various mixes and mixes that are popular will appear on the front page, giving those designers and their mixes more exposure, which should hopefully more cash for them. I’ve got to say that this is one of the better Digg-esque implementations I’ve seen, it doesn’t feel like they’re jumping on the bandwagon since it’s a feature that actually makes sense with their type of service and store.

Karmaloop: The main site and the underground labels housed in the Kazbah have been to the spa and had a makeover. I like the redesign, it’s a bit smoother and more subtle, but navigation hasn’t changed much so you shouldn’t get too confused when I recommend a product from them, as I frequently do.

Pearl Bootik: Despite spend a decent portion of last year in France my French isn’t exactly fluent, so I don’t entirely understand what they’re talking about, but good design is universal, and those tees certainly do look good.

PJE Los Angeles: Pretty cool tees, it’s not often that someone does a line of tees aimed at people who work in finance, but hey, if there’s a niche, someone’s gonna fill it. I’ll be taking a closer look later, so look out. Oh, and they have rhinestones on some of their designs, how hot is that?


The Runners Hoodie by WeSC @ Karmaloop

by Andy on March 28, 2007


Damn, I do love WeSC, they always hit the mark with their designs, and they seem to have managed to retain their cool amongst people trendier than me whilst being a pretty mainstream brand.

This hoodie kinda reminds me of the designs that Fullbleed offer, although not quite as emo, though to be fair to FullBleed they aren’t really as emo as most people give them credit for. It’s cool how – as far as I can tell – the people in the print are all different, because I don’t really like it when designers reuse stock images over-and-over in a single design. I don’t really have a clue what the meaning or message of the hoodie is, but to be entirely frank, I don’t really think it matters. Ok, scrub that, I’ve just noticed that the back has ‘Jogging Death Squad’ written on it, so it is quite clearly just a bunch of people out for a jog, if you want me to make the image more intriguing, perhaps the people in the print are running from the Jogging Death Squad, but that would be reading quite a lot into it.

Costiness=$70 URL (worth a click just to see the freshly redesigned Karmaloop site, also use AS7594 as your coupon code and get 10/20% off your order and help a charity)

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Arrgh, the Squid are kerploding!

by Andy on March 27, 2007


You do all love cephalopods, right? Or would you prefer unicorns? Or am I going to need to do some reader demographic re-evaluation around here?

I like this hoodie, its a pretty cool concept, and the image is done really well. It might just be the picture, but I would like the design to pop out at me a bit more, with more vibrant colour, but I can accept that this kind of hand-drawn stlye doesn’t really lend itself to that kind of printing.

Hey, it seems like white clothes are getting popular on HYA!

Costiness=$45 URL


Talkin’ ’bout Morphine Generation

by Andy on March 27, 2007


*Just noticed that it’s sold out, sorry about that*

I do like this hoodie, but I feel as if it’s a bit mainstream really, the kind of design that I could pick up at many of the mainstream chains on a UK high street. Although this hoodie is from Revolve, and carries the price that many products at Revolve have, so it’s pretty safe to assume that you’re buying a high quality product. Their blurb is kind of odd though:

Morphine Generation Moto Hoodie in White

Every generation has its heroes. With their spring collection, Morphine Generation draws out the inherent Heros and Heroines that nobly reside in all of us.”

Ummmm, ‘kay?

Costiness=$184 (at least shipping is free!) URL


Threadless Pick: Poker Hand Values

by Andy on March 27, 2007


I don’t think I’ve ever recommended a tee that’s white, and if I have there can’t be more than a handful of white recommendations. It’s not that I have anything against white tees, its just not a colour that I wear very well, and there aren’t that many designers that make artsy tees printed onto white much at the moment.

But it’s the logical colour choice for this weeks Threadless pick, ‘Poker Hand Values‘, unlike a tee with the moon on it that’s printed on gold (maybe they’re showing it in front of the sun?). It’s a cool idea and a well executed design, and I prefer it to most of the gambling designs that seemed to be popular amongst the masses last year when there were poker shows on most television channels. Also, I suck at poker, but when I was at university we often tried to have a hand or two, which never really worked because not everyone in the group knew the rules, so maybe this tee would be able to quell a few college arguments, because if it’s on a tee, it has to be true!

In Threadless hoodie news, you can now hide your arms with ‘The Communist Party‘ (which must be one of the most popular designs of all time by now) and ‘Doodle Bug‘.


Mann / Tank Theory / Drip Face

by Andy on March 26, 2007


I’m gonna keep things short on this post because I had more than a 200 mile round-trip to see my grandfather in hospital today and over the past couple of days my grand total of sleep hours isn’t in double figures, so as you’d imagine I’m pretty tired. That, and I’m watching Deadwood on DVD (how good is that show!). Quite a cool sweatshirt, with a different take on the splatters of paint that we’ve been seeing on tees and hoodies around recently, I like the way that the face is worked in so subtly.

Costiness=€43.99 URL (German language site)


Limited Edition Cut n Sew by Village Hill

by Andy on March 24, 2007


Since there’s only 60 of these available (3 colourways, 20 per colourway) I thought I’d better post it quickly rather than let it sit in my large queue of posts for a few weeks (yep, I’m a little bit more professional than you’d assume). Whilst patterns aren’t really my thing, this hoodie kind of jumped out at me, first because of the detailed and striking pattern, then because of the ludicrously long drawstring, then for the cool button cuffs, and lastly because there’s a 24 gold plated button on it, and you know how precious metals on clothing entice me.

Costiness=$180 (there’s gold on it, remember?) URL

(Get 10-20% off with the coupon code AS7594 and help HYAs charity initiative)


Cotton Filter: 230307

by Andy on March 23, 2007

This post seems to have a lot of links to funny tee sites. Maybe we’ve reached a point in the year when people stop being depressed about the winter a start to smile again.

Women’s Week at laFraise: It was impressed by the range of articles that they had this week, even if I had to read them with some awkward Google translation (the articles about girly geeks were in French). Adam did a pretty good job on the English side of things though.

Lomography tee: I really like this new tee from the Lomography society. There’s a little story behind this, I was in bed one night and I thought to myself “I really like the Lomo style, I’d better remember to check out the lomography group on Flickr tomorrow” and then I found an e-mail about this tee in my inbox the next morning. How weird is that? In retrospect, I was actually thinking of the Holga photography style, but the story is still pretty cool.

Antidesigns: New t-shirt competition that doesn’t accept designs from the general public, but rather uses a pool of specially selected artists. Quite an interesting way of doing things and I’ll be watching how this one pans out. I’m not so sure about their webdesigns skills, but the tees are pretty impressive.

Chargrilled: This company is the home of the t-shirt in a can. Yup, tee in a can. It’s an odd angle to take for shipping (which is free worldwide, by the way), since it makes the package heavier, but its cool to see people trying something different for a change. They offer student/college style designs, with more of a British angle than most tee companies (e.g. I don’t expect any Americans to know who Barry Scott is).

Blingless Tees: It’s not often that I mention a brand that is powered by a print-on-demand company, but I like Spreadshirt (and not just because I want to be one of Spreadshirt-owned Lafraise’s employees), and this designer has got quite a lot of potential in his designs, and there’s a lot of originality in there, which is refreshing to see in the ‘funny tee’ market.

Moe Wampum
: I’ll be honest, I had pretty much written off Moe Wampum a while back when I was going through a phase of not wanting to write about ‘funny’ tees, and clearly I’m not entirely out of that phase since I still use quotes around ‘funny’, but I had to pay them their due, they actually have some really cool tees, and the quality of the product pics looks pretty good too. So if you’re in the market for a topical tee, it’s a pretty good bet that MW will have what you’re after.

Skully tee from Monstar: I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned it, but this a damn nice tee and deserves a second look now that it’s been printed up and there’s product pics available.

: I really like the idea behind subscription based tee services, especially since these guys keep things topical whilst also having some quite creative designs. Oh, and their models are super cute too (if Cotton Filter’s were to have pics, this post would be better than it already is). $32 a month isn’t too bad of a price since it includes shipping and obviously you’ll be getting a pretty limited edition product.


The Poncey Hoodie by Artful Dodger

by Andy on March 22, 2007


I had written up a whole post about how this is a really simple and understated hoodie with a few cool details, like how the zip is the same light blue colour as the drawstring, and then I looked at the picture of the back of the hoodie. Oh. It’s criz-azy. But it’s still pretty cool, even if I think I would have preferred for the back to be as subdued as the front.

Costiness=$110 URL

As ever, if you want up to 20% off your order at Karmaloop, enter the coupon code of AS7594 and you’ll get the discount, as well as adding to HYAs monthly charity donation.


Threadless Pick: Mr Toxic Waste

by Andy on March 22, 2007


(Damn you product pic with text on it which only makes sense on the actual product page!)

This post is about 3 days late because of the London trip but in the interests of trying to make it a regular feature I thought I’d post anyway, that and I always love getting a few streetteam points.

My choice this week is ‘Mr. Toxic Waste‘, and not only because it glows in the dark, which is such a cool idea with this subject matter, but because the design has a wonderful hand drawn quality that is so often lacking in Threadless releases. Although when they do put out tees in this style, I usually like them, so maybe its just a personal thing.

Hey, is it weird that in my weekly Threadless updates I don’t include thumbnails of all the tees, or does me only showing you my favourite give it more value?



Usually I’m not a fan of splash pages, if I’m going to a site, I’ve already got a pretty good idea of whats going to be there, so I don’t really need a page with some blurb on it and a few pictures enticing me to click through. I just wanna see the goods!

But Antidote have taken another way which is pretty cute, and shows that they care about their customers. On their front page, the first thing most people will see, they have pictures of their customers of the week, which I think is a pretty cool move (although the page could possibly do with the touch of a seasoned web designer). I’ve actually used the ‘myspace angled’ picture of Melissa (the current customer of the week) for todays recommendation.

I don’t always know what to think of Antidote’s drug free/vegan/sXe stance, but I do like some of their designs, especially the ones that allow for open and ambiguous interpretation. That’s one of the main reasons why I like the simplicity of the ‘my actions change the world’, that and the text is in one of my favourite fonts (I think). Simple product, big meaning, attractive girl wearing it, what’s not to like?

Costiness=$34 URL


Gone to London, back soon

by Andy on March 18, 2007

Big Guy meets Big Ben

I’ve been called down to London for a little job with my parents’ company so I’m going to be away from the internet for almost 3 days (I actually tensed up just writing that!), which obviously means that there will be no posts furing that time. I’ll be back in the LD on Tuesday so expect normal service to reume on Wednesday. I know, its not exactly the longest time for there to be no posts, but I thought I’d better keep you in the loop.

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I like Satsumas

by Andy on March 17, 2007


I looked in the fruit bowl this afternoon and noticed that we had an abundance of satsumas (well, they might have been mandarins, or perhaps just small oranges, but still, citrus nevertheless), so I ate one and was reminded of just how much I love them, then I got this hoodie linked in an e-mail. Fate.

Yeah, it is a branded/logo hoodie, but since I’ve never really heard of them as a brand before I really looked at it more for the design element rather than the “ooh, Satsuma just released a new line” element. Also, chocolate brown is rapidly becoming one of my favourite colours for a hoodie (it goes with almost all my jeans) and the contrast with the stark orange and white print is really arresting, which I quite like on such a big print. Oh, and the reversed type is pretty funky too.

Costiness=£50 URL


Taking a look at Death Hippie

by Andy on March 16, 2007

altA_redspot s-s.jpg

Deathhippie is the kind of brand where I really don’t know where I’m meant to start. Usually, I’ll get an e-mail from an up-and-coming artist or brand who make it feel like when you’re writing about them, you’re fighting for the little guy, but when I look at Deathhippie I get transported into a different world of fashion compared to my usual style. And you know what, I kind of like it.

Deathhippie has been seen on Elijah Wood, Tobey Maguire, Jared Leto and Billy Bob Thornton, they launched their line at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas, and they’ve been on numerous hotlists for the past year. And yet, the guy that runs Deathhippie got in touch with me, perhaps he over-estimated just how influential HYA is?

Anyway, I really like what Deathhippie are putting out there. Everything is hand-printed, so no two items are alike, their shirts have complex and rich patterns, with a vintage look so genuine you could easily think that every tee was 25 years old (y’know, in a good way), and I think some of their tees are even printed inside out, the stitching detail adds a certain something. Despite the fact that most of the tees have something going on all over them, they actually seem pretty subtle, there’s not too many in-your-face colour contrasts, although there isn’t very much that’s subtle about gold foil.

As you’d expect, when your clothing attracts the Hollywood A-list, the pricetag is slightly higher than usual. Although, I don’t really think that the price is that high, around $60 isn’t exactly crazy money when you’re dealing with a designer label, and there’s clearly a lot of care going into each garment, so whilst you are paying more than with most tees, you’re getting a pretty special item of clothing at the same time.

Visit Deathhippie.


Spraygraphic Rose Gun hoodie

by Andy on March 15, 2007


In a case very similar to that of Vintage Vantage yesterday, I thought I’d go back to Spraygraphic and see what they’d been up to since I last checked on them. They’ve still got some good designs, including todays recommendation, for which I give you the blurb:

The binary of peace and war is a constant in our society. Our design shows the combination of military images with symbols of peace. Which side of the gun the gun do you prefer?

And if I were a betting man I’d say that their stock hoodie is the california fleece by American Apparel, judging by the shape, cut and because they say pretty much everything but the name of their supplier when describing the softness of their hoodie.

Costiness=$48 URL


Pro Mens Hoodie by Vintage Vantage

by Andy on March 14, 2007


I first found out about Vintage Vantage a few years ago when I was first getting into buying t-shirts online, they seem to get things just right when going for ‘funny’ in tees. Usually I’m not really a fan of funny tees, largely because they’re only really funny once, your friends see it and you get a laugh, and then it’s just a normal shirt that no ones going to comment on again. But VV are slightly different, I feel as if they treat the jokes equal to the design, and they stick to their guns with their vintage feel.

What I wasn’t aware of was that they were now selling hoodies, hey, maybe they’ve been selling them for ages, but I was just going through my old bookmarks last night and checked up on VV again, and lo and behold, there they were. I’d have to admit that I don’t think their hoodie line-up is as strong their tees, but its pretty hard to design a hoodie that fits in with their vintage ethos than it is for a tee, so I can’t be too harsh.

The front hasn’t exactly got me going crazy, it’s pretty simple, and does look authentically vintage, but the single-colour print on the back is actually really cool. The comicbook-esque image obviously lends itself well to their overall style, so if you’re after a ‘funny’ hoodie thats far less in-your-face than most options, I think you might like this.

Costiness=$48 URL (male) (female)

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2one5: CMYK Hoodie

by Andy on March 13, 2007


How could I not love this? It’s another of those designs that just grabs me in some way thats hard to describe, which I understand makes me pretty weak as a writer, but sometimes there isn’t really one word to describe how I feel about an item of clothing. If there was then there would be a lot less words on this blog.

2one5 have kind of popped out of nowhere on me, a few weeks ago I had no clue they existed, and now they seem to be on every blog I peruse. It’s cool to see a collective of artists that have a real variety of styles and themes, something which is well reflected in their ever-expanding store. Their latest release is the ‘CMYK Designer Series’, which is an extremely limted run line, and all the items have been individually hand numbered, which is always nice to see. I like the ink splatters and choice of such a bold colourway on this hoodie, it kind of feels like they’ve thrown in some graffiti style, general chaos, and a bit of hip-hop-esque in-your-faceness to finish up with a well-rounded product.

Costiness=$60 URL

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Threadless Pick: My Playtree

by Andy on March 13, 2007


My mind was made up pretty quickly when I saw this weeks releases*. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty strong crop, but there’s just something about My Playtree that really piques my interest. It’s a multi-functional tee, by which I mean you can where it pretty much anywhere and it suits the occasion, you could wear it shopping, at a bar, at a gig, hanging out with your friends, or at a restaurant (admittedly, not a very fancy restaurant), and it would just feel right somehow, kind of subtle, not screaming “look at my freakin’ awesome tee”. Also, I really think that the hollowed out tree is a great idea for a free-standing book case, expect to see it done on Instructables within the coming months (probably not by me though…).

Oh, and I love the linework too.

*A Bubbly Beginning is really cool too, though…


Giving and Toke-ing

by Andy on March 13, 2007

Evil Torch 4 HYA-BACK.jpg

Yeah, I mentioned this brand about an hour ago, but sometimes you’ve just got to take a deeper look. I know there’s a lot of people out there who pull out their wallets at the mere mention of a cephalopod, so I thought you’d love this.

The front is pretty plain, with just a little Toke tag on the right kangaroo pocket (it’s a zip-up) to separate it from your standard vanilla hoodie, well, that and what looks like quite a nice cut. The main action on this hoodie is going on around the back. The concept is superb, the one-colour print and style is kind of reminiscent of instructional manuals, and the concept is just executed flawlessly. It would be pretty interesting to see this as a t-shirt, I bet it would do pretty well.

Costiness=£40 with free global shipping URL (click ‘evil torch’ on the main page)


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