I like Satsumas

by Andy on March 17, 2007


I looked in the fruit bowl this afternoon and noticed that we had an abundance of satsumas (well, they might have been mandarins, or perhaps just small oranges, but still, citrus nevertheless), so I ate one and was reminded of just how much I love them, then I got this hoodie linked in an e-mail. Fate.

Yeah, it is a branded/logo hoodie, but since I’ve never really heard of them as a brand before I really looked at it more for the design element rather than the “ooh, Satsuma just released a new line” element. Also, chocolate brown is rapidly becoming one of my favourite colours for a hoodie (it goes with almost all my jeans) and the contrast with the stark orange and white print is really arresting, which I quite like on such a big print. Oh, and the reversed type is pretty funky too.

Costiness=£50 URL

  • http://www.indie-threads.com Brad

    I’m digging the brown/orange/white colors. I can picture it working really well with jeans.

  • Richard

    I like it, but it is indeed quite costy..

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