I used to think this way, then I downsized my expectations

by Andy on March 22, 2007


Usually I’m not a fan of splash pages, if I’m going to a site, I’ve already got a pretty good idea of whats going to be there, so I don’t really need a page with some blurb on it and a few pictures enticing me to click through. I just wanna see the goods!

But Antidote have taken another way which is pretty cute, and shows that they care about their customers. On their front page, the first thing most people will see, they have pictures of their customers of the week, which I think is a pretty cool move (although the page could possibly do with the touch of a seasoned web designer). I’ve actually used the ‘myspace angled’ picture of Melissa (the current customer of the week) for todays recommendation.

I don’t always know what to think of Antidote’s drug free/vegan/sXe stance, but I do like some of their designs, especially the ones that allow for open and ambiguous interpretation. That’s one of the main reasons why I like the simplicity of the ‘my actions change the world’, that and the text is in one of my favourite fonts (I think). Simple product, big meaning, attractive girl wearing it, what’s not to like?

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