Threadless Pick: Mr Toxic Waste

by Andy on March 22, 2007


(Damn you product pic with text on it which only makes sense on the actual product page!)

This post is about 3 days late because of the London trip but in the interests of trying to make it a regular feature I thought I’d post anyway, that and I always love getting a few streetteam points.

My choice this week is ‘Mr. Toxic Waste‘, and not only because it glows in the dark, which is such a cool idea with this subject matter, but because the design has a wonderful hand drawn quality that is so often lacking in Threadless releases. Although when they do put out tees in this style, I usually like them, so maybe its just a personal thing.

Hey, is it weird that in my weekly Threadless updates I don’t include thumbnails of all the tees, or does me only showing you my favourite give it more value?

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