Arrgh, the Squid are kerploding!

by Andy on March 27, 2007


You do all love cephalopods, right? Or would you prefer unicorns? Or am I going to need to do some reader demographic re-evaluation around here?

I like this hoodie, its a pretty cool concept, and the image is done really well. It might just be the picture, but I would like the design to pop out at me a bit more, with more vibrant colour, but I can accept that this kind of hand-drawn stlye doesn’t really lend itself to that kind of printing.

Hey, it seems like white clothes are getting popular on HYA!

Costiness=$45 URL

  • Joe

    Cephalopods are still pretty cool. SquidFire are also pretty cool!

  • Brad

    Cephalopods are good. Unicorns would still be pretty sweet.

    The color combo kind of reminds me of a rainy day. It’s still cool though.

  • Joe

    I like rain!

  • Brad

    I like rain too. As long as it’s not really cold rain on a really cold day.

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