Talkin’ ’bout Morphine Generation

by Andy on March 27, 2007


*Just noticed that it’s sold out, sorry about that*

I do like this hoodie, but I feel as if it’s a bit mainstream really, the kind of design that I could pick up at many of the mainstream chains on a UK high street. Although this hoodie is from Revolve, and carries the price that many products at Revolve have, so it’s pretty safe to assume that you’re buying a high quality product. Their blurb is kind of odd though:

Morphine Generation Moto Hoodie in White

Every generation has its heroes. With their spring collection, Morphine Generation draws out the inherent Heros and Heroines that nobly reside in all of us.”

Ummmm, ‘kay?

Costiness=$184 (at least shipping is free!) URL

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