Threadless Pick: Poker Hand Values

by Andy on March 27, 2007


I don’t think I’ve ever recommended a tee that’s white, and if I have there can’t be more than a handful of white recommendations. It’s not that I have anything against white tees, its just not a colour that I wear very well, and there aren’t that many designers that make artsy tees printed onto white much at the moment.

But it’s the logical colour choice for this weeks Threadless pick, ‘Poker Hand Values‘, unlike a tee with the moon on it that’s printed on gold (maybe they’re showing it in front of the sun?). It’s a cool idea and a well executed design, and I prefer it to most of the gambling designs that seemed to be popular amongst the masses last year when there were poker shows on most television channels. Also, I suck at poker, but when I was at university we often tried to have a hand or two, which never really worked because not everyone in the group knew the rules, so maybe this tee would be able to quell a few college arguments, because if it’s on a tee, it has to be true!

In Threadless hoodie news, you can now hide your arms with ‘The Communist Party‘ (which must be one of the most popular designs of all time by now) and ‘Doodle Bug‘.

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  • Dino Delellis

    Hi my name is Dino…

    WWWWooow i love your shirt!!

  • Dino Delellis

    Hi my name is Dino…

    I love poker.. and WWWWooow i love your shirt!! :P

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