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by Andy on March 29, 2007

This was meant to be a short post, then I looked through my inbox…:

Owl Movement: Great new line of tees went up a few days ago on the theme of ‘Occasional Intruders’, and their ‘robots’ hoodie has been restocked too. One of my friends ordered the robots hoodie and it never made it to him, damned postal service!

Go Ape Shirts: No idea how this one passed me by, but Go Ape released three cool designs earlier this month that are worth checking out.

UrbanRetro: They just got in some seriously good designs by the limited edition brand ‘Hicalorie’, definitely worth a click.

innerTee: They’ve just introduced a digg-like features to their front page. You can vote for the various mixes and mixes that are popular will appear on the front page, giving those designers and their mixes more exposure, which should hopefully more cash for them. I’ve got to say that this is one of the better Digg-esque implementations I’ve seen, it doesn’t feel like they’re jumping on the bandwagon since it’s a feature that actually makes sense with their type of service and store.

Karmaloop: The main site and the underground labels housed in the Kazbah have been to the spa and had a makeover. I like the redesign, it’s a bit smoother and more subtle, but navigation hasn’t changed much so you shouldn’t get too confused when I recommend a product from them, as I frequently do.

Pearl Bootik: Despite spend a decent portion of last year in France my French isn’t exactly fluent, so I don’t entirely understand what they’re talking about, but good design is universal, and those tees certainly do look good.

PJE Los Angeles: Pretty cool tees, it’s not often that someone does a line of tees aimed at people who work in finance, but hey, if there’s a niche, someone’s gonna fill it. I’ll be taking a closer look later, so look out. Oh, and they have rhinestones on some of their designs, how hot is that?

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