It’s wrong, but it wroks

by Andy on March 29, 2007


Remember in the last past when I said “they have rhinestones on some of their designs, how hot is that?“, I wasn’t kidding, and I wasn’t trying to sound like the Lake District’s Paris Hilton (we already have enough of them), I just think that rhinestones and crystals on clothing can look pretty cool, even if I’d feel a bit odd wearing them. But I guess that if you’re wearing anything from Wrongwroks then you’re going to be getting some attention, so you might as well shine whilst you’re wearing it!

Yes, WW have been been playing around with this image of Kate Moss for quite a long time now, but this is an interesting incarnation, they’ve taken the graff and photocopy style that they had before and added in the glamour that we’d expect of a supermodel, but with the mashup of styles it feel kinda dirty, which fits in quite nicely if you ask me. It’s not exaclty cheap, but its a pretty special hoodie especially since there’s only 10 of them around.

Costiness=$140 ($150 outside North America) URL (it’s the thumbnail second from the right on the bottom row)

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