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March 2007

Cotton Filter: 120307

by Andy on March 12, 2007

Been a while since one of these:

Monstar Clothing: Cool new repeating-print tee, limited to 72 pieces.

Elmanco: HYA was included on giant a list of fashion, design, inspiration and cool blogs and websites. Huzzah!

Akomplice Clothing
: Check out the preview of their new Spring/Summer line.

laFraise: The world’s second biggest t-shirt design competition are embracing their feminine side and having a week focused on women, with features involving female bloggers and geekettes. It all kicks off next Monday (19th) and runs through until Sunday (25th), so a full week, not a work week.

Toke: Tokeworld has had a new and hilarious make-over. Well worth a look, for the clothes and the laughs.

Boy Girl Party: The ever lovely Susie Ghahremani (she of the surname that requires triple-checking) has some great new items in her store. Only one new bit of clothing, but loads of other cool stuff to check out.



I like Sascha Says, the first time they e-mailed me was a tip-off about going to visit Graniph in Tokyo, which I did, and loved it, and me going to that shop only happened because of a virutal stranger from the other side of the world trying to be helpful. That, and they just seemed really nice, but I guess that’s probably just a trait of Aussies in general.

Before I get onto the tee I’d like to mention one little oddity of Sascha Says, they sell aprons, which I don’t think I’ve seen any apparel company selling since I started this blog, so that’s a pretty interesting angle, although considering just how much a stereotypical imaginary Australian loves to barbeque it makes perfect sense that they’d want to cover their t-shirt with something, and surely adding a bit of style into aprons wouldn’t be too bad for those people that usually find themselves being the lord of the grill. One issue, if you had a cool apron (if that phrase isn’t an oxymoron), would you be willing to get it all greasy and dirty?

Their tee designs are pretty fun, the boys and girls line are totally separate with no crossing over of designs, but they do share the same spirit. They’re all light-hearted, though I would say that the female line is a bit more of a sophisticated look compared to the guys tees that head a bit more in the Busted Tees direction without quite as much reliance on puns and frat humour. The Fuel tee that I got in the mail is pretty sweet though, it’s a pretty geeky idea, but I know a lot of people who would probably die if they didn’t get their morning shot of caffeine, so this tees probably got a lot of mass appeal. The colourways great too, very complimentary. I’m impressed by their printing quality too, the change from orange to yellow (between the can and the cup) is utterly seamless, its as if they’re the same bit of ink! I don’t recognise the stock brand of tee, but it feels pretty soft, and looks/wears like a fairly standard style fit.

One last thing to point out is the quality of packaging. I know that packagaing is often an afterthought in the tee label process, but Sascha Says have gone with the simple but elegant solution of putting the tee into black tissue paper and holding it together with a logo sticker. It adds a bit more to the t-shirt experience and kind of makes it feel like a present from them to you, admittedly, in my case it actually is a present, but I presume the feeling would be similar if you bought one…

Costiness=$59 AUD URL

As ever, click through for more pictures:
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Oooh, Yummers!

by Andy on March 9, 2007


Sorry about not posting last night, I went over to Newcastle to watch the football (y’know, the kind where they actually use their feet), and by the time I got back it was after midnight and I was pretty tired from the drive.

Today’s hoodie is pretty tasty (yep, I went there), and quite a cool design, although I can’t help but feel that it should be framed rather than put on a hoodie. Good news on the price front too, as it’s currently got 50% off as part of Digital Gravel‘s ongoing sale. Blurb!

Remember that part on Q-Bert’s Bionic Booger Breaks (I think it was) with the vocal sample that goes “Eat em up, eat em up, yum, yum!” That was dope. Just sayin. Exact Science have dreamed up this ill collage graphic which lays out DJ equipment and accessories on plate alongside a napkin, a knife and a fork. Sick multicolor print, great concept.

Costiness=$27.50 URL

*UPDATE: The link now goes to a page that says ‘requested item could not be found’, I guess they sold out.*

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The Fafi Supergirl Top by Adidas

by Andy on March 7, 2007


Yeah, this totally goes against HYAs unwritten code of promoting small brands, but it’s a cool track jacket and the print style is pretty similar to a lot of items that have been run in the past. That, and I don’t think there’s nearly enough nylon posted on this blog, so for a change this is a track jacket you could actually wear on the track.

Costiness=$76 URL (as ever, you can get up to 20% off your order with my affiliate code of AS7594)

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I just wanted to post this one quickly so here’s the blurb:

A super nice custom cut & sew zip-up hoodie from Obey, made with soft sherpa fleece (80% cotton/20% poly). It features an interesting print of animal heads across the front. Each animal is wearing a hat (or in the case of the donkey, a mohawk) which has been drawn on in red. Each animal head has a city name below it. One of my favorite things about this hoodie are the thumb holes in the wrist cuff ribbing, so you can kinda use the cuffs as gloves!

Costiness=$43 (down from $86) URL


Threadless Pick: Struggled to Survive

by Andy on March 6, 2007


You know what? I’m not all that impressed by this weeks new designs from Threadless. Yeah, some of the ideas are pretty clever (‘Pure Imagination‘ in particular), but I’m just not so sure about the execution. I guess after I had been impressed by the past few weeks of updates I’ve come to expect too much from them, and maybe these new designs are just being over-shadowed by the excellent choices made for this weeks reprints: Bad Teddy (available as a hoodie), Doin My Best, Funkalicious, Calling Home, Blow With the Wind (available as a hoodie) and MP(3) (also available as a hoodie).

But I don’t want to be too down on this weeks releases, my Threadless pick o’ the week is really cool, a nice colour palette, a clever bit of design, and yes, boobs (a first for Threadless, apparently). The little drawn boobs aren’t really an issue for me, possibly because I’ve just been to Japan, a place where a store for naked anime-style dolls is also a shop for digital cameras. My first reaction to this tee was “hey, that’s pretty clever”, and it is, but now that I look at it a bit more it’s actually pretty disturbing, with the ropes and the distressed facial expression, but that was probably the aim of the designer, so, well done to them.

Also, they’re selling their tees for $10 until March 12th, and yes, I know every blog in the world ever has already told you that, even the ones that never mention clothes (but do love street team points), but it would be a bit rude not to mention it in the weekly Threadless post.


Oddica: Mutiny on the Mallard Hoodie

by Andy on March 6, 2007


Every time I see the name Kenneth Lavallee I feel as if I owe it to you to continue my famous run of terrible puns, but then I decide that Lavallee~lovely is too easy, even for me.

My constant attempts to be funny aside (a girl told me to be a comedian on Saturday night in a club, but I explained to her that I’m not actually funny, and I already had a job as an internationally respected hoodie expert, needless to say, I do not have her number), this is a pretty freakin’ sweet, and pretty freakin’ bizarre hoodie. Whilst I’m not so sure about the colours, mostly because the little people are the same colour as the mallard, the design is vintage Kenneth, and whilst I usually don’t take much notice over who actually designed a piece of clothing, Oddica do seem to have a knack for finding designers that I actually remember and look forward to seeing new work from.

As ever, it’s printed on American Apparel.

Incidentally, Oddica have a new version of their digital magazine available for download.

Costiness=$36 URL



Seriously, how awesome is this hoodie? It really is something special to end the week on.

If we were to get out that imaginary test that I mentioned earlier in the week then this hoodie would also be getting a lot of ticks from the green pen (don’t worry, I’ll retire this metaphor soon). The antlers on the side of the hood are a fun touch, although describing anything on this hoodie as ‘fun’ is a bit of a stretch since that skull on the print is more than a little bit disturbing, and the antlers have that stub on the end, actually, I retract the ‘fun touch’ part of that sentence, lets say they’re fun in theory.

It’s a pity there weren’t some photos showing the close up details of the print because I bet that would show up some stuff that’s missing from the picture, especially with all those layers. The only little niggle that I have with it is that I wonder whether two sets of antlers are really necessary, although I like the idea of printing on the hood, and the antlers on the print are an important part of setting the mood of the print, so I guess it’s a bit catch 22.

Costiness=$65 URL

*You can actually find some more detailed pictures on the Change the Thought website”



I just wanna get this little wizard-based fact out of the way before I start since it popped into my head; I’m pretty sure that Blink 182s album Enema of the State was actually going to be called Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full of Lies, if you’ve got the CD take a look at the internal spine of the inlay in the case and I think you’ll find it written there. Yep, I love Blink 182, that’s your Andy fact of the day.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this hoodie for quite a long time, partly because I’ve been a fan of Seibei for a long time, and partly because David blogged the design and production process for the hoodie on the Seibei blog, asking for feedback and advice along the way. Another reason why I was excited to get this hoodie in the mail was because of the interesting heat transfer detailing on the hood, I was a little skeptical that the hood would look anything like a face, but in the flesh cotton its actually a pretty good effect, and it even got several comments of “hehe, that’s cool” from my friends down the pub last night. The transfer material isn’t all that soft though, which could be an issue if you’re the kind of person that pulls in the drawstrings on the hood because it makes the material go all crinkly, its not exactly a big issue though.

The print on the front is far softer though, as it is a more traditional printed ink. It’s a pretty cool crest/logo too, I don’t know when that dinosaur became the Seibei mascot, but it does have a certain charm to it, probably because whenever I see it I can’t help but have the words “make me a sandwich” run through my head.

The stock hoodie is by American Apparel, and I think that this zip-up runs a little slimmer than the pullover that American Apparel sells. It also feels a little thinner than the pullover, but still quite warm.

Costiness=$48 URL

Click through for some more pictures (I think the last one looks particularly nice).
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Cotton Filter: 010307

by Andy on March 1, 2007

T Junction: If TJ isn’t on your RSS reader yet then it should be. It’s just deals, discounts, sales and coupon codes for tee stores. Adam recently asked if other bloggers would like to contribute to keep up the frequency of posts. I obliged, and hopefully others will too. I would like to think that this will lead to their being less duplication of information on tee blogs in general, but I doubt it.

Bedlam Clothing: All inventory is $6 until they get rid of whats left before new designs can be rolled out. Yeah, $6, I can barely buy a sandwich for that! (free postage if you buy 3 tees on March 5th)

Noisebot: I don’t know why, but I’m always surprised when I see how good a new wave of designs are from Noisebot, and they print all of their designs on hoodies so I really should pay a lot more attention to them.

The Handsome Sausage: Rafael is selling hats now! In a variety of patterns, some of which are as bright as his website. There’s also a limited sale of old items going on, check out the THS blog for more details.

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HYA Charity Donation #2

by Andy on March 1, 2007

It was a bit of a leaner month in terms of advertising revenue compared to January, mostly because January’s figures were boosted by accumulated affiliate payments from previous months and me not having the time to ask advertisers for money (I think that I’d better have a proper invoice system rather than e-mails like this: “hey, gimme some money, thanks, Andy”).

But every little bit counts as they say, and I think that this months chosen charity is a good illustration of that. Kiva was February’s donation recipient, or to be more specific, Winifred Ongalo (a clothing store owner from Kenya) was February’s recipient of a $25 donation, plus $2.50 directly to Kiva for administration costs. Here’s an explanation of what Kiva is from their own site:

“Kiva lets you connect with and loan money to unique small businesses in the developing world. By choosing a business on, you can “sponsor a business” and help the world’s working poor make great strides towards economic independence. Throughout the course of the loan (usually 6-12 months), you can receive email journal updates from the business you’ve sponsored. As loans are repaid, you get your loan money back. “

Now, I’m sure you’ve just read that last sentence and now you’re thinking, “wait a minute Andy, you get your money back? Not exactly a donation now is it?”, well, I can understand your concern, but I promise that I’ll just keep re-investing the loan if I get it back. Historically, repayment rates for micro loans are above 95%, Kiva claims a repayment rate of 100%, so chances are I will get the money back for re-investing.

As ever, suggestions for charities for next months donation are welcomed, though I may stick with Kiva for a while since I like the way it works.


2one5: Rocky vs Bandit

by Andy on March 1, 2007


You know what’s awesome about this hoodie, it’s only available in XL, so just this once all you thin people can by jealous of people that have BBQ sauce on their tees. Yeah, I know, that thin/fat joke was a real stretch…

That isn’t the only thing that I like about this hoodie though. If I were to make up some kind of standardized test to judge the quality of a hoodie then this item would be getting a lot of ticks from the green pen. There’s printing on the hood, graffiti mashed with logos, paint splatters, and possibly some piping along the stitches, although it may actually be a stitch detail, its pretty hard to tell from the picture. OH, and the blurb says its extremely limited edition, there’s no exact figure but you can bet you won’t ever see anyone else wearing it (in a good way!).

Away from this hoodie I actually like a lot of other stuff that 2one5 are doing, they’ve got a good ethos and are backing it up with great designs (this is probably my favourite tee from the collection).

Costiness=$55 URL


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