The Deerhunter Hoodie by Cardboard Robot

by Andy on April 7, 2007


I dunno what’s up with me at the moment, I’ve had three migraines over the past four days and I have no idea why, I’ve been sleeping well, eating healthily, and drinking enough fluid, usually I can pinpoint a trigger for them, but I’m pretty flummoxed at the moment, hopefully this phase will pass pretty soon. I was pretty tempted to just skip posting tonight but I figured that since I skipped out last Friday I’d better try and keep on track.

From what I can tell, antlers seem to be really in at the moment, I dunno why, but I think this hoodie implements them pretty well, since they cross over the zipper really naturally and the (presumably faux) fur trim around the hood fits in with the theme. Another really nice touch is that the zipper itself looks like a rifle round, which is pretty clever, and would help people fit in around my area (we pretty much have more rifles and shotguns than people in the valley).

Also, does anyone else find that model really quite attractive?

Last thing, how great is the name ‘Cardboard Robot’ for a clothing label!

Costiness=$115 URL

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  • Joe

    Maybe you have allergies? Tree pollen is giving me a headache and watery eyes today.

  • SEO Gangsta

    What? You think that model is attractive? You’re talking about the deer that modeled their horns for the hoodie, right? I dunno. I’m no hunter or wildlife expert, but I’ve been to Cabela’s and I’ve seen some really good looking deer antlers… and that’s not, I repeat, NOT, what they looked like.

  • Fepenrork

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  • Hasan Luongo

    this is a dope hoodie. the crew at cardboard robot are so money right now. We have a lot of fresh hoodies from cardboard robot coming very soon. dope brand for sure.

  • scoorksoP

    Hello. It is test.

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