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by Andy on April 21, 2007


Peter from T-Post e-mailed me on Monday, the tee arrived on Wednesday. Now, I realise that T-Post don’t have control of the post between Sweden and the UK, but that’s pretty great customer service. But I guess it’s important for Peter to get t-shirts out to people as soon as possible, after all, he is running a news organisation.


Yep, it says it right on the tee, 63% news, 37% cotton. T-Post send a new t-shirt design to their subscribers every six weeks based upon stories that were in the news, maybe not the big mainstream stories, but something that really sparks the imagination for a great design. That’s probably for the best, because I like a design to stand the test of time, like, are you really going to be wearing that Sanjaya t-shirt next year? They even put the article on the inside of the shirt where you’d usually expect to see a printed tag, so if someone asked you “hey, what’s that tee about?” Then you can explain it. Yeah, you probably thought I was gonna do one of those ‘yeah, you can take off your shirt and read it to them, but then remember to put your shirt on otherwise you’ll be walking around topless’ gags that other blogs do, but you know what? HYA does not roll that way.


Talking about the design seems a little strange since they seem to use a fairly wide variety of styles from month-to-month, but for what its worth, I do think its a cool design. It’s based upon a story that I actually hadn’t heard before I read it on the tee (and if its on a t-shirt, its gotta be true!), about how there is a section of your brain that is dedicated to selflessness. That part of the brain is represented in the design as an angelic lump of brain, complete with wings and a halo, and the helpful little tag ‘sense of awesome’, because when you do help other people, I do generally think, “that was pretty awesome.” There’s almost a 70s school textbook feel to it, especially with the way that the orange ink of the brain comes over the black outline, just like with a real newspaper!


In terms of quality, the stock brand is American Apparel, so you know what you’re getting (well, if you’ve bought a few tees off the internet before). The print feels good quality too, it’s deeply sunk into the cotton, so much so that you can actually see the pattern of the cotton. I had worried that having a news article printed on the inside of the shirt (which is fairly sizable at about 6-inches square) would be a bit itchy and scratchy, but you can’t really tell that its there.

A subscription runs you $32 (or €26) a month, and that includes all shipping costs, and I don’t know how much it would usually cost for an American to have a t-shirt sent to them from Sweden, but I think that’s a pretty fair price considering you’re getting a t-shirt that is fairly limited edition (they’ve got just under 2000 subscribers at the moment), and you’re not just buying t-shirt, you’re also buying into a really cool and fairly unique idea.

Costiness=$32 (monthly) URL

Click through for some more pics.


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  • Simon

    Man, I dig that tee and I dig the idea of it even more (it looks good on you over at bigguybigcity as well).


  • Andy

    Yeah, I was loving that look on Saturday night, to give an example of the reaction from friends, “Andy, I just can’t believe you look so dashing!”.

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  • Debra Brown

    The brain TOTALLY fascinates me and what better way to show this fascination than a great T-shirt. Congratulations to a great new company with a unique twist. What a great way to get brain info out to the public!

  • mymind
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