There is Always Hope @ Black Sea Apparel

by Andy on May 9, 2007


I know you come here because of my ability to write about hoodies, but sometimes the companies really ‘bring it’ for me:

“Embodying the same concept as our Spiritual Healing design, this design was created to represent hope and renewal. No matter what is in your present and past, there is always hope. Hope to start over. Hope to turn over a new leaf, free of whatever has infected you. Free of making the same mistakes. If you need to start over, do it today. But truly start OVER, don’t just start AGAIN.

*The green print glows in the dark!”

So they’re doing the whole deep and meaningful thing for their blurb, but then they totally go the other way with the glow in the dark printing, love it!

Anyone have any clue how they can be printing this on American Apparel and still only charging $20 for it?

Costiness=$20 URL

  • Marwan

    Having a wholesale license for aa, i know that the cost on this sweatshirt is about 14-15 bux…that being said, i would think the prints are running about 2bux so there is still some room for their profit… i cannot imagine why they are charging so low, but maye it is so that they can move a ton of em. Or maybe its just a mistake!

  • Andy

    Thanks a lot Marwan (cool name, btw!), I don’t really know too much about the practicalities of clothing wholesale and printing, so that’s good info for me to have when looking at hoodie prices.

  • Justin Lloyd

    Hello, this is the owner of Black Sea! We are making room and raising money for some new hoodies for the fall, so we discounted our jackets 5 bucks and were pushing them for a while. Yea, it’s not much profit at all. We keep our prices low, though, so it’s affordable for young people. The review above, although I appreciate the time, refers to it’s meaning as “the whole deep and meaningful thing.” Well, all of our designs mean a great deal and the whole other half of our company is spreading a positive message and relating to serious, real life situations and emotions. I don’t know if that label was putting us down (even though the next comment was a positive one), but it’s not just a description to get us to sell stuff. In fact, a lot of people think our descriptions are stupid and cheesy. I personally don’t care. We’re not just an empty clothing line with sales as our strong point and goal, we are a company dedicated to encouraging love and unity in everyone. Thanks again for everyone’s time and comments, negative or positive.

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