Soft Touch Reviews: MOMI TEeA PARTY

by Andy on May 25, 2007


Subscription tee services always feel like quite an odd thing to review, because I’m not just looking at a tee, I’m looking at a service, and it feels like I have far more responsibility when I’m recommending a service than just a one-off purchase of a t-shirt. Frankly, it’s quite a lot of pressure. Then I remembered that this tee was from a company called MOMI TEeA PARTY, and even though they use capitals in their name (argh, shouting!) there’s no way that I could feel pressured by something that sounds very similar to the casual art of drinking tea and eating cake!

Basically, its two chairs, one seems to be floating on top of the other, I’m not going to claim to understand what it means but I will tell you that it is a very cool design, lines are crisp, and the colour palette works really well.

Since MTP is a subscription service I guess I should probably mention slightly less fun stuff like price and postage. Unless there was some unforseen hiccup in production, tees arrive on doorsteps on the 3rd or 4th week of the month, and come in a cool shiny-yet-slightly-see-through silver plastic envelope. My package came with a few postcards of the previous month’s designs, but I don’t know if they are standard with every package or if they were put in my envelope so that I could get a better feel for the brand. In terms of price, they aren’t the cheapest tees in the world at $30-40 a month, but you are getting a very high quality product, I think they’re using custom blank tees, fitted (though quite stretchy), and incredibly soft. There’s no tag on the interior of the shirt, just their name, the tee size and edition number, which have have been printed with a slightly faded vintage-look print.

Costiness=$120 for 3 months, $210 for 6 months, $360 for 12 months URL

Click through for more pictures and close ups.





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  • rangga

    $30-40 a month is for one shirt + “paper”? now, that’s premium price

    Subscription should reduce the cost per but again, they say it’s “exclusively” limited edition(only 100 printed each month for 100 subscription. why?)

    anyway, great review Andy — I think the two chairs design is smart, neat design. err… still, I have no idea what the meaning :)

  • Andy

    Yeah, it is premium, but they’re a designer label, and thats what people pay for a designer tee, and like I said in the review, its a very high quality tee.

    I think the 100 subscribers is to ensure that they can scale up properly, and to not over-expose their brand, and I’m sure that it helps the hype value of MTP too if people want their tees and can’t have them. And it only says “limited to 100 subscribers in the first year” or something similar, which suggests they’ll go bigger next year.

  • tcritic

    great review and love the pictures. Thanks Andy.

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