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June 2007

Gone to Newcastle, back soon

by Andy on June 28, 2007

I’m off to Newcastle for a couple of days for my cousin’s wedding, and just like every other time that I go to a city, I don’t expect (or want, really) internet access, so there’ll be no posts until next week.

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I don’t actually know what size these tees are, but I had no idea just how small girls clothes were, its crazy, I would need like four of these to cover myself!

I know some guys that are in a band (they don’t have a name, wanna suggest one?), and I think they’d agree, they’re a bunch of dicks, so once again Delicate Tomboy has hit the nail squarely on the head with this slogan.


I’m really digging this colourway, its just so well balanced. The dark of the heather black tee, which is fairly closely matched with the purple lettering, and then its broken up nicely with the refreshing alien appliqué. The font has kind of a rock edge to it, I’m sure that there’s more than a few instances of this font on flyers for rock clubs I went to when I was at uni. I don’t particularly understand why the alien appliqué was chosen, since it doesn’t really fit with the subject matter, but DTs images never really fit with their slogans, and perhaps using this image would have made the whole tee look a bit cliché.


As I’ve mentioned before, the quality is top notch, and the flock print for the letters works really well too. There’s something about fuzzy purple letters that just screams rock n’ roll! And again, the appliqué with metallic thread looks great. There’s a cool little bit of stitching detail on the shoulders, black thread around the seam, its only a small touch, but it really does add a certain something.

Costiness=$25 URL

47.jpg 57.jpg 66.jpg 74.jpg



I get the feeling that there might be a typo in Karmaloop‘s product description, and that this hoodie is actually called “The Digital Retina” but I’ll stick with the official line for now.

Its a pretty crazy design, despite the colourway making it quite fairly subdued, loads of swirling colours and I like the way that the print goes right the way across the zip, no gaps either side of the metal.

Costiness=$51 URL

Use coupon codesearch” for free shipping, although my code of “AS7594” can get you 10/20% off your order, please which ever will save you the most.



I have a little bit of an issue with this tee in that I don’t really know where you can buy it from. TLFI’s website is being redesigned at the moment (apparently it will “change your life”) and all they have is a splash page explaining that point. I’ve searched around for a while and I’ve found quite a lot of TLFI on sale, but not this particular tee, which is pretty unfortunate, but I guess you’ll learn about TFLI and get some eyecandy even if you can’t buy this design right now.


Clearly, this is a pretty provocative design, but since I live in England I don’t really need to fear the wrath of angry Los Angeleans and New Yorkers (especially now that my tentatively-planned September trip to the U.S. looks like it ain’t gonna happen) so to me its more provocative because of the language used. But I guess since one of the biggest brands in the UK is called FCUK and the various double entendre laced slogans that they’ve plastered onto tees I guess that being upfront and calling a whole city a slut isn’t really that bad.

There’s a real 70s feel to the text on the left, actually, is the text on the left the same as is used with the classic I <3 NY tees? The text on the right is pretty interesting too, it kind of gives the tee that graffiti'd sign look. I like the way that the colours work too, since they change from left to right they change the way you can read it, so perhaps LA is the slut rather than NY?


If you were wondering how they got that faded look, it has been achieved by printing (with discharge ink I think) the whole design on the inside and let the ink come through to the outside, its a pretty neat effect, and certainly does help the rock star aesthetic that I associate with TFLI. Attention to detail seems to be TFLIs bag, which is obvious when you see the inverted stitching on the sides with bright blue stitching (pic at the bottom of the post), and the incredibly detailed logo print on the inside of the tee (naturally, there is also a pic of it at the bottom). There was also this cool little hang tag that I’m sure you’re gonna want to check out in the thumbnails.

As you would expect from a high-class brand like True Love & False Idols, the quality is top notch, and sizes run slightly smaller than a standard fit, but they aren’t crazy-tight or anything.

Costiness=$? (probably in the $50-$100 region) See TFLI at Style Rocket, Revolve Clothing & Bazaar Adriatic

46.jpg 56.jpg 65.jpg 73.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg



I guess that their last trilogy went pretty well because the Oddica gang are back at it again and this time their inspiration comes from robots. You pay $55, you get 3 tees, 3 buttons, 2 limited edition stickers, and the whole lot comes in a screenprinted stainless-steel box. And there’s only 55 sets available, so if you want it get your order in sharpish!

$55 URL

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Quick Stitch:

by Andy on June 26, 2007

Check out, its the portfolio/shop of an Australian artist called Luke Feldman, he doesn’t have any clothes on sale at the moment, but I love his style so I just couldn’t stop myself from giving him a mention.


Ooooh ohhh Diamond hoodie @ Etsy

by Andy on June 26, 2007


“Do you remember that song?

100% black, light weight, size small American Apparel hoodie that is bejeweled with randomness. Stuffed 3-D jewels in green, turquoise and yellow that have been “appliqued” (I use this term loosely because it’s not a standard method and it’s disheveled looking). Jewels can be found on the back right, the front right, and the left side of the hood.”


I know that the product page says that its a girls hoodie, but I was under the impression that most of American Apparel’s range of hoodies was unisex, so its possible that guys might be able to wear this too, though it is probably worth messaging the seller first before placing an order.

Costiness=$41 ($4 US shipping, $7 everywhere else) URL


Review: Logo hoodie by Split Reason

by Andy on June 26, 2007


This review sure has been a long time coming, I can only imagine the journey that this hoodie has enjoyed on its two and a half month journey from Vancouver to northern England. It wasn’t Split Reason‘s fault, there was actually a few e-mails back and forth between HYA and SR and we decided that it was just about time to give up and that it had either disappeared or was now being worn by a happy though morally-challenged postman. But I guess you should never doubt the Royal Mail because only a couple of days later a rather ‘well-travelled’ (read: beat up) looking box arrived in the office with a hoodie inside it that didn’t seem too traumatised by its journey.


I don’t know if it was the aim of this hoodie was to get in a sneaky little kerning joke (a lot like this Preshrunk post that made me learn what kerning was, and amazingly, I didn’t take Jason’s bait!), but I sure like it. I know it doesn’t completely work since there are no reasons being split, but I still think its pretty clever, intended or not. Obviously, it is quite hard for me to critique a hoodie when its based upon a logo, you’re either a fan or you aren’t, but the style in which they’ve put the text on is pretty interesting. The stitched-on letters are raised up pretty far, I’d guess at a height of about 0.4cm from the hoodie, which does give a pretty dramatic look to the text, and is actually surprisingly flexible, its not exactly-discharge ink, but for something that is essentially blocks of thread I’m rather impressed.


Time to talk quality, the inside of this hoodie is really soft, and quite fluffy, I don’t know how long that will last with multiple washings, but for the moment it feels good. The fit is your standard kind of fitment, not really fitted, except it does hug in a bit at the elasticated bottom hem. The stock hoodie is by a brand called ‘King Fashions’, who I haven’t heard of before but from what I can tell they’re Canadian and 100% sweatshop free. They also like to put their logo on the outside of the hoodie (a little tag on one of the pockets, picture at the bottom) which is a little bit odd for a stock company, but it isn’t that obtrusive, so I don’t really mind it.

Costiness=$ URL

45.jpg 55.jpg 64.jpg


48/Beach hooded sweat jacket by Puma

by Andy on June 25, 2007


Don’t worry, I’m not going to start a new feature under the funky name of ‘Mainstream Mondays’, but since Wimbledon started today I thought it made a little bit of sense to point out something slightly sporty. This hoodie is fairly minimalist, but there’s actually a few cool little details, like the camo print in the hood, and the inverted stitching on the arms.

“The 48 Beach Hooded Sweat Jacket is made of 80% Cotton and 20% Terry Polyester. This slim fit jacket is detailed with a graphic pigment/pearlescent print combination, Camo all over graphic printed collar lining, raw edge details and asymmetrical seam.”

Also, you’d think that Puma might be able to think up some decent names for their clothes…

Costiness=$64 URL [via Stylehive]



Man, I really wish there was a Mrs. HYA to advise me on all matters female, because I like this tee, and I think that girls would like this tee, but at the end of the day its pretty much just guesswork, so if you’re hot and willing to settle for less, you know where the contact form is!


I like this ‘Never Date a Guy…’ series that DT have loads of variations of, because its a bit like feminism or female empowerment, but it doesn’t threaten me, and on the whole I actually agree with the statements; ladies, you shouldn’t date a guy who gets fake tanned, because that is one of the most vain things I can think of, that is such a pet peeve of mine.


The quality impresses me. I don’t really know what the general consensus is about flock printing (a felt-like print to those who are technically unaware), but I’ve never really had any problems with it on an old tee I had made up by Spreadshirt, and I like the way that its a non-reflective surface as well, since I think it would be a bit of a struggle to make that font work well with regular printed ink, it might just come off looking a little amateur-ish, whereas the flock really softens up the gothic edge to the font. And the idea of having a separate bit of material with a vintage inspired design is cool too, especially since its stitched on with metallic thread.

Costiness=$25 URL

44.jpg 54.jpg 63.jpg



Y’know, this tee probably takes self-indulgence just about far enough for me, I can imagine getting away with it on a night out, but only because people would know that there’s a bucket-load of self-mockery going on. There’s only two types of people that can really wear this kind of tee, people who don’t mind joking about themselves, and celebrities. I got this tee for free, so I’m going to put myself in both categories, fair?


Even though most of Local Celebrity‘s range of tees have images on them, I usually associate them with text, and considering that most people would probably just think of them as a college tee type company, they actually seem pretty particular about their use of typography. The fonts used on their vintage-style tees really do maintain the illusion that these tees were made in the 70s and 80s rather than in the 00s. The colourway also helps to create that vintage image aswell, I dunno why, but the red, cream, and blue does invoke a certain element of Americana, at least in the eyes of this Brit (we have the same colour flag, yet this makes me think of the US).


Quality is top notch, the ink on this tee feels and looks as if has been washed a few times already, so its probably a case of what you see if what you get. In terms of cut, I think its a lot like American Apparel, but they say that their “t-Shirt Fit & Fabric [is] Exclusively Made for Local Celebrity” so I guess my earlier thoughts that this is an AA blank was off base, guess I can’t be right every time!

Costiness=$19.95 URL

43.jpg 53.jpg 62.jpg 72.jpg


Pyramid Boy by Human Empire

by Andy on June 21, 2007


I’m not entirely sure if this hoodie is from their latest releases that were announced this morning, but this hoodie is looking mighty fine no matter what season it came from. Cute, fun hand-drawn style that reminds me of The Beatles Yellow Submarine image style, and the content is suitably trippy, with pyramids, clouds and a man puffing away on a pipe.

If you wanna make an order then you’ll have to e-mail them, which does make the process slightly awkward, but I think it would probably be worth the extra bit of hassle.

Costiness=€49 URL


Killovision by Go Ape Shirts

by Andy on June 21, 2007


This tee seems to be a bit of a departure from their usual style, but there’s nothing like getting out of your comfort zone to test yourself. Go Ape actually have lots of different artists, so my comfort zone comment doesn’t apply to them entirely, but its always good to see a brand trying something different, especially when they manage to keep up the quality.

Josh is actually on holiday until July 6th, so if you put an order in it won’t be shipped until a bit after then.

Costiness=$18 URL



So, here we are, the last in the long series of Public Domain tee reviews. I know I wasn’t exactly writing the magna carta, but it still felt really good to take such an in depth look at a clothing company, and go off-base a bit more than usual in the reviews. And of course, it helped a lot that I was reviewing excellent shirts, these reviews might have been a bit of a struggle if I had to find nice ways to describe crap for the past couple of weeks.


Yet again, PDC are employing that retro consumeristic style that everyone seems to love so much by heading back to the days when if you had a ‘mobile’ phone you needed a bag to carry it around in. As if having such an old cellphone wasn’t enough, this phone may well be the same design as was sported by Zack in Saved By The Bell. Okay, okay, I just really hope that this is the same phone as Mr Morris had in Saved By The Bell.


The design is big and strong, just like the rest of their ‘mega’ range. I would have usually expected more detail in the design, although its entirely possible that they made a version that had all the letter and numbers put in, and then decided that it was just a bit fussy, and I can see how it would be. The colourway certainly isn’t for people who are shy, but the green and brown do work really well together if you’ve got the balls to wear it out in public. I should point out that the first two pics in this review best represent the actual colour of this tee, the flash kind of threw off the colour in the rest.

For the seventh and final time, the tee quality is top notch, and so is the printing.

Costiness=$25 URL (and for the girlies)

42.jpg 52.jpg 61.jpg 71.jpg


Fossil Fuel by Ten Bills

by Andy on June 20, 2007


If you have room in your wardrobe for yet another tee of birds sat on a telephone line, then I really would recommend letting this tee be your choice. If it wasn’t for the fossils this would be a pretty standard design, but the fossil designs really kick this tee up a notch.


And still only $10, you can’t go wrong!

Costiness=$10 (duh…) URL

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Dalek Space Monkey by Upper Playground

by Andy on June 20, 2007

UP0191_z (Small).jpg

That may well be the craziest name for a hoodie that I’ve ever heard, I love it!

That said, I can’t really see the association with either Daleks or Monekys in the pattern. Blurb!

Dalek’s space monkeys go apeshit on this stylishly freakadelic hoodie. There’s no doubt you’ll be ready for take-off with this one.

* Long-sleeve drawstring hoodie with metal front zipper. All-over silkscreen print. Two front pouch pockets. Ribbed hem and cuffs. 80% cotton, 20% polyester.
* Available in charcoal.
* Sizes: Small (34-36″), Medium (38-40″), Large (42-44″), X-Large (46-48).”

Costiness=$80 URL



I like Black Sea Apparel, they get that its quite hard for some people to get into the mindset that goes with the messages behind their designs, which is why they’ve advertised their latest offerings with the following tagline:

“Just in time for Summer! New… hoodies.. WTF? Plus 2 new shirts with cheesy positive messages! :)”

After my faux-mockery last time I mentioned Black Sea’s hoodies I’d like to think that I was something to do with that line! But since it was Fathers Day on Sunday (and I bought a card but forgot to write in it or call home because I was too busy rocking out) I thought that their message might resonate better with some people.

The design is pretty cute, fairly different to what I’d normally associate their aesthetic with, but fun nevertheless, and the colourway helps to maintain the rather light hearted nature of the design.

Oh, and its good to see a brand that doesn’t price out the very people that they want to buy their product.

Costiness=$26 URL


Quick Stitch: Seibei is a Renegade

by Andy on June 19, 2007


Quick Stitch: This may or may not be a name that I’m going to use for quick, slightly off-topic posts. Tell me if it sucks or if you think of something better.

David from Seibei had a stall at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn at the weekend and has done a quick writeup with a few pictures.

Oh, and my apologies to David for using a picture in which he describes himself as ‘looking fat’.

Ack! How could I have forgotten to mention that you get 10% off your order if you use the coupon code ‘hideyourarms’, without the inverted commas, of course.

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Nodiktat, just let me tell you

by Andy on June 19, 2007


Nodiktat are a pretty new outfit (only running for 6 months), but they’re really showing some promise, and they’re located in Antibes, which isn’t that far from where I worked in France last year, and for some odd reason that makes me like them even more.

Even though I can’t put my finger on what makes me feel it, there’s definitely a feeling of European style in their designs. The designs are quite varied in terms of content and style, owing to them using various designers, but the level of quality is consistently high.

They’ve apologised to me via e-mail about the quality of English on their site, and whilst it is slightly awkward in a couple of places its still all perfectly understandable, their blog is French-only though, which is a bit of a pity, but I’m sure most consumers are far more concerned with their products rather than what they’re doing on a daily basis.

They also sell some posters and wall stickers, which aren’t exactly my areas of expertise, but I do think they look pretty cool.



Review: Vintage T by Delicate Tomboy

by Andy on June 18, 2007


I know what you’re thinking, “Andy, that tee looks a wee bit too small for you.” And you’d be right (although I’ll have you know I have dropped a tee size this year, huzzah!), this tee is actually a HYA first, a review of a tee that is designed for girls. I was really hoping to get one of my sexy, sexy friends in for a photoshoot, or at least to give me their opinion on this tee, but I’m a bit pressed for time at the moment so I’m afraid that the ladies in the audience are just going to have to rely on my rather repressed feminine side for an opinion of this tee.


The print is vintage-style, I mean extreme vintage-style. Yeah, its pretty clear that you’re looking at the Delicate Tomboy logo, but it isn’t that clear. The print is big, so naturally I approve, and I whilst it would be foolish of me to engage is some Mel Gibson-esque mind reading, I think that big prints have a tendency to slim women down, and I would imagine that the ladies of HYA town would quite like that.

The colourway works very nicely together; pink, brown and yellow, it kind of sounds like the colours of a magnificent dessert that doesn’t exist (prove me wrong readers, prove me wrong!).


In terms of quality, the tee feels soft and well-made. I think the print might benefit from a couple of washes for it to settle down and soften up a bit, and the glory of the vintage printing style means that its almost impossible for washing it to ruin the print. Its pretty much impossible for me to comment on the cut and sizing since I have no frame of reference, when I pulled the tee out of the bag I did think it was quite small (the review tee is a medium), but that could be entirely standard sizing, I have literally no idea.

Costiness=$25 URL

More pics await if you click through.
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