Hopefully there’ll be no mutiny for Bountee

by Andy on June 5, 2007


Yeah, that title sucks, and that’s why I’ve being posting boring titles recently, I’ve lost my titling mojo!

On the face of it, Bountee looks good, their site is good, their designs/designers are good, and their pricing is good (for an English site). The interesting thing about Bountee to me is how essentially they are a print-on-demand company (designers upload and sell their designs through Bountee), and yet their designs look nothing like anything that I’ve seen from other print-on-bemand services. I mean that in a good way, the designs look far more like items that you’d see from a regular tee company who had their tees screen printed. I do wonder whether they’re printing and producing garments that match up the quality of the designs though, because if the other print-on-demand services don’t print designs like this, how come Bountee can?

Well, this issue as actually been covered by Karl already (there’s a lot of discussion on that post Tcritic post as well), and whilst I don’t really understand the technicalities of ‘Direct-to-Garment’ printing, they seem pretty confident about it, and the results seem to speak for themselves.

Their organisation is very web2.0 (well, they were on Mashable!, after all), with lots of big fonts, tagging, star ratings, and integration with social sites like Digg and del.icio.us, but one feature I really like is the ability to browse by colour. Usually, I don’t have a particular colour of tee in mind if I’m shopping, but it is quite a cool feature and I’m surprised that more companies don’t feature it as a search/browisng option.

My personal favourite design at the moment, ‘Last Fairy on Earth‘ (pictured), and if you’re thinking the design looks quite Threadless-esque, thats probably because the designer has had a tee printed at Threadless (even though those two tees are in completely different styles…).


  • p00neil

    They’re not so much a “print-on-demand” site, as much as “submit your design to be judged and then maybe we’ll print it” site, a la Threadless. Even if you have a market for a shirt, your design may not make it on to the site for your friends/customers/the community to vote for it.

    As a former member/user, they are some great designs on the site, but the people who run Bountee seem to have A TON of problems with communication and customer service.

    Good luck to ‘em!

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Yeah, I kinda realised that after reading the discussion (that I think you were involved with) on Tcritic, but I thought I’d just leave it as it was because I’m a pretty lazy guy.

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