Review: Stencil White by Tasty Tees

by Andy on June 5, 2007


Before we get into the meat of this review I’d like to share a few parts of Tasty Tees mission statement with you:

“our mission is to create a tshirt label that is fun, emphasizes quality and creativity and puts the artist first and foremost. we embrace the tshirt as an alternative medium for artists to display their work and livelihood. our tshirt label is eclectic and reflects each artist’s individual flair. each tee is handprinted and our designs are limited to no more than 1000 prints. a healthy portion of our profits directly supports each artist and nonprofit organizations that support the arts community.”

Yeah, they seem to hate using capitals, but they also seem to love what they’re doing. A clothes company should be fun, and I can tell from their e-mails that these guys are having some fun with their company.


I don’t immediately associate this design with the term ‘stencil’, but I guess that’s because t-shirts are almost always done from a stencil (screenprinting is pretty much stenciling, right?), but that’s what TT have called this design and I can see why, because on second glance it does seem very stencil-y. Obviously, there is quite a lot going on in this deisgn, but it certainly does flow nicely, and the way that the many different elements interact with each other is cool, because two little elements often often result in the creation of an entirely new element when looked at together rather than separately. That was clearly a terrible way to describe that, but it is rather a clever effect no matter what I say. TT have also printed their logo on back of the tee around the neckline.


The tee is printed onto an American Apparel t-shirt, so chances are you’ll already know what size to get and how it will fit you, which I guess makes things quite a bit easier, but if not here‘s the AA sizing chart anyway. The print itself is pretty nice too, feels soft and I doubt that this will be cracking any time soon, although I must admit that I haven’t actually given it a wash test yet (despite what the pics look like, I just thought that putting it on the washing line was a pretty cool idea for product shots).

Costiness=$20 ($5 shipping no matter how many tees you order) URL

Two more pics after the break:



  • toby

    thanks for the love! if you happen to make it across the pond we’re having a tshirt party 6/28 in nyc @ madame x on houston st…

    cheers – toby @ tasty

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