Review: Escape the Earth Oven by Aloha Victory

by Andy on June 7, 2007


When I hear the word ‘aloha’, I immediately think of Hawaii. So quite naturally (I presumed), when I found out about Aloha Victory I thought I’d be checking out some designs from the land of grass skirts and drinks served in coconut shells. Oh, how wrong I was, Aloha Victory are actually based in Florida, but when I actually take a look at this design, both the Hawaiian and Floridian (is that even a word?) aspects are quite apparent.


And when I say apparent, I mean it has both coconuts (Hawaii) and a space shuttle (Kennedy Space Center) on it. I know I probably should have picked up on that the second I pulled the tee out of it’s envelope, but I thought it was a pretty cool way to give a nod to both the geography and the spirit of Aloha Victory. I really like this design, all the elements seem to work so well together, the ‘A’ and ‘V’ that sit on either side of the space shuttle are a really nice touch. One of my favourite aspects of the design is the way that they’ve really brought a sense of perspective to it, which isn’t usually a feature of most tee designs.


The print feels like quality, whilst I’m still not entirely sure about inks, I think that it is printed with plastisol ink, whatever it is, I think its printed to last. The stock tee is a Hanes Beefy T, and I do believe that its the first I’ve received since starting HYA. The Beefy T is, as the name suggests, a bit thicker than a standard tee, and the cut is a bit boxier than a standard American Apparel tee, it still feels pretty soft though, and I would imagine that it’ll last pretty well with it being a little bit thicker.

Costiness=$18 URL

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