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by Andy on June 9, 2007


Here’s something odd, every other day this week I’ve opened up the box from Public Domain, pulled out the next tee in the pile, taken it out of its plastic bag, taken some pictures, then gone to write about it. I usually go to PDCs website to make sure I get the name of the tee right, but this design isn’t listed on the boys section of their site, or even the girls section. So I guess you can’t buy this, maybe its a new design that will come on sale soon, or maybe its an old tee they had left over, who knows?


Clearly, this tee is very much influenced by Hokusai’s famous colour woodcut ‘The Great Wave of Kanagawa’. Yes, parts of that last sentence wouldn’t have been possible without this page and google, but at least I recognised the image enough to google ‘famous Japanese art waves’. I like the way that The Great Wave looks, so quite naturally I like this tee, but I do think that it could be improved upon. One of my favourite things about the large prints in their current range is that they’re the full item and the prints don’t just cut off into thin air, but that doesn’t happen here, there’s just a line on the left. I guess I’m being unfair, because what else could they really do? That’s how it was in the original, so what was I expecting from a modern rendition?


As ever, I’m extremely impressed with the quality of the print and the tee itself, but you’re probably getting bored of me saying that by now.


Public Domain Clothing

  • rangga

    Andy, maybe a pre launch T-shirt?

  • kevin

    Stop making me want their clothes so badly.

  • Andy

    Sorry Kevin, its gonna be next week by the time that happens!


    simple clean and perfect execution…toby is ON IT


    simple clean and perfect execution…toby is ON IT


    simple clean and perfect execution…toby is ON IT

  • clothes store

    Oh, great! I love it. Thanks for the possibility to read your blog.

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