Review: Dead Presidents by Bean Dip

by Andy on June 12, 2007


Bean Dip have been along for the HYA ride since the beginning (technically since day 41 but that is pretty early on), so I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for them, but even if they were sending me a tee or a hoodie for the first time I think I’d still be just as impressed with the quality of their products.


The design itself is pretty much classic Bean Dip, large print, bold and powerful colourway, and a graphic that’s inspired by a lyric from a Jay-Z song I’ve never heard of that’s probably really, really famous. Yeah, I don’t really get the context, but I do like the graphic. Like I already mentioned, Bean Dip aren’t shy when it comes to bright colours, and this white is bright, it’ll probably fade away a little bit after a few washes but it still gets you noticed. Usually I’m not a huge fan of white clothes, because I have an acute fear staining them, so I generally just didn’t wear them, but recently a few companies have sent me white goods and they’re really starting to grow on me, perhaps they have some sort of slimming effect?


The interior hood print really adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the whole hoodie, and I think that the addition of another colour to the palette (especially gold on a hoodie about money) helps to break up the whiteness, whilst putting the print onto the interior of the hood helps it to remain pretty subtle.

In terms of sizing, it is a little bit over-sized when compared standard sizing, which fits in with their aesthetic, and fairly short, with the elastic at the bottom hugging in more than with most hoodies, but I know that the elastic on BDs hoodies lasts, so you won’t end up with a billowing garment within a couple of months.

Costiness=$56 URL: White, Green

No prizes for guessing what you’ll see if click through.

I thought I’d try just going with clickable thumbnails for a change.

bd2.jpg bd5.jpg bd6.jpg bd7.jpg

  • Joe

    Another part of Bean Dip’s style (to me, at least) is good halftone prints, of which you have a great closeup picture.

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