‘tshirt15′ by Universe on a T-shirt

by Andy on June 13, 2007


I was really in two minds whether I should run this tee, not because I’m ambivalent about their designs, but because they’re just so goddamn good, its so hard for me to choose just one, so there may well be an almost PDC-esque deluge of Universe on a t-shirt merchandise in the coming weeks (ha, take a guess who the next post is about?).

There’s been quite the dearth of cephalopods around here for quite a while, I hope it didn’t effect my audience! Seriously though, this is a very, very nice looking tee, with some original styling, and just for a change, they’ve actually taken some really nice product shots as well. Y’know, I know Dutch people are stereotyped as being laid back (UoaT is based in Amsterdam), but would have it really been so hard for them to give their tees a name?

Costiness=€34 URL [thanks, Stylehive user!]

  • http://www.publicdomainclothing.com toby

    PDC-esque, i just love it…

  • http://www.publicdomainclothing.com toby

    PDC-esque, i just love it…

  • http://www.universeonatshirt.com joris schenk

    thank you thank you, well our tees have a name now.
    we dont do text t-shirts, because both of us are terrible with text, that bad that even a name is a problem…..haha

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