The Flip Tee by Rebel Ape

by Andy on June 14, 2007


I always burn with anger (inside, I’d remain the consumate gentlemen on the outside) whenever I see anyone wearing a tee with Che Guevara on it. I get the feeling I may have mentioned this pet peeve of mine before, but this tee is actually pretty clever, so I’m going to let it slide just this once, especially since its based on Rebel Ape’s classic Planet of the Apes/Guevara mashup logo. I get the feeling this tee is reversible, because there’s a picture on Karmaloop‘s site of the ape logo itself that has the unusual label of ‘inside view’, and, well, it is called ‘The Flip Tee.’

Oh, and it has gold foil, so obviously I was going to give it a mention!

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