Bad Planet @ Allmightys

by Andy on June 15, 2007


I’m sure there’s a term for the art of giving a face to inanimate objects, and I should probably learn what that term is, because there are sooo many tees and hoodies out there in utilising whatever it is you would call that style. Usually, a tee that has some kind of political, social or environmental message isn’t that well designed, its often a case of substance over style, so its great to see that Allmightys used their design competition to get some well designed tees out there on the theme of ‘Mother Nature’, and they’re giving €1 to Friends of the Earth with the sale of every tee too.

Allmightys are pretty new to the increasingly crowded design competition scene, but I think they’re a pretty welcome arrival because they’ve actually got a decent roster of artists (I guess they set themselves apart by being quite picky about their artists) who are putting out some good looking designs, and if it looks good then I don’t think it would be fair to complain just because they’re another design competition style company.

Costiness=€25 URL

  • Joe

    Those are some pretty good designs; too bad they’re so expensive! Stupid weak dollar…

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