Review: Calculator Watch Mega by Public Domain Clothing

by Andy on June 15, 2007


Time to take a look at the ‘mega’ version of the previously reviewed calculator watch micro tee. PDC are sticking to their tried, tested & trusted style of retro consumerism, except this time its been planted onto a loud and proud colourway of orange print on a yellow-tinged cream tee.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love their big prints, they dominate the tee and that’s the way it should be, especially when you’re using a one colour print such as this. A comment on the previous micro version of this tee said that “there’s more nerdlingery going on in this tee than just the Casio calculator watch… check out the time displayed.” I don’t really know the nerdiness of the time (forgive me!), but my very best googling did turn up a couple of lines from the bible, I wonder if that’s what Joe meant?


I’m almost getting bored of saying this by now, since I know it and you know it, but the quality of Public Domains tees and printing is absolutely top-notch. The cut is similar to American Apparel, except slightly shorter and a little bit more stretchy.

Costiness=$25 URL

Click through for more pictures.


  • Joe

    Yesssss… thanks, Andy! :D
    The extra nerdiness is the beginning of Pi: 3.1415

  • jamie

    i heart public domain clothing

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