Review: Vintage T by Delicate Tomboy

by Andy on June 18, 2007


I know what you’re thinking, “Andy, that tee looks a wee bit too small for you.” And you’d be right (although I’ll have you know I have dropped a tee size this year, huzzah!), this tee is actually a HYA first, a review of a tee that is designed for girls. I was really hoping to get one of my sexy, sexy friends in for a photoshoot, or at least to give me their opinion on this tee, but I’m a bit pressed for time at the moment so I’m afraid that the ladies in the audience are just going to have to rely on my rather repressed feminine side for an opinion of this tee.


The print is vintage-style, I mean extreme vintage-style. Yeah, its pretty clear that you’re looking at the Delicate Tomboy logo, but it isn’t that clear. The print is big, so naturally I approve, and I whilst it would be foolish of me to engage is some Mel Gibson-esque mind reading, I think that big prints have a tendency to slim women down, and I would imagine that the ladies of HYA town would quite like that.

The colourway works very nicely together; pink, brown and yellow, it kind of sounds like the colours of a magnificent dessert that doesn’t exist (prove me wrong readers, prove me wrong!).


In terms of quality, the tee feels soft and well-made. I think the print might benefit from a couple of washes for it to settle down and soften up a bit, and the glory of the vintage printing style means that its almost impossible for washing it to ruin the print. Its pretty much impossible for me to comment on the cut and sizing since I have no frame of reference, when I pulled the tee out of the bag I did think it was quite small (the review tee is a medium), but that could be entirely standard sizing, I have literally no idea.

Costiness=$25 URL

More pics await if you click through.


  • Joe
  • Joe

    I was trying to post a picture… darn… I guess I’ll have to just post a link instead. DESERT!

  • Andy

    Love you!

  • Joe

    Hm… maybe that would be a good idea for a t-shirt line… desert shirts? I think there’s no way this could possibly go wrong.

  • Lindsey

    Love your site and shirts!

  • Joe

    Which is worse: spelling something wrong this whole time, or adding another comment to alert people that I’ve been doing it?

  • Andy

    Well, I was going to change it, but then I started to wonder if I’d got it wrong too!

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